22 Mar 2019


We had to change our Scrabble day because one couldn't come on a Tuesday anymore so we decided to meet on Mondays. It was my turn and as usual I only bought English stuff because all the others serve the cakes etc from here. I had bought a fruitcake, little round pancakes, Donuts, the so appreciated sour cream and of course Blueberry jam. They emptied the whole pot of sour cream, and only two Donuts were left ! Mr. G. cleaned it off after supper ! For once I was second ! And the one who always wins was last !!

The weather had changed and now it was sunny and I had to think of all repairs to be done outside ! There is a step which is loose, the wooden border of the rockery rotten and has to be replaced, the door of the mailbox is loose etc etc. I had found two men who do such work for people who are too old or can't do it. They will come end of the week to give me a quote ! In the past Mr. G. has done such things, but now he can't do it anymore and me neither.

I had some shopping to do for my painting class and noticed Easter decoration in the whole shop there was nothing else ! I had completely forgotten about Easter and had to google to see on which date it was and it is exactly in a month !

Son and grandson will come over the weekend and I am very happy to see "little" Toby again, it has been a long time I hadn't seen him life, fortunately Whatsapp exists ! On my way back I stopped at Myriam's to show her the new program of lots of daily excursions for us, and we choose already two we want to go, it's always for a day, the first one will be Li├Ęge where an Exposition about the 80 takes place. The other one takes us to the Netherlands to the Keukenhof famous for his tulip fields.

Since two days spring shows its nose it is still cold in the mornings and evenings but during the day, you don't need  a winter coat anymore

In all streets of Waterloo Japanese cherry trees had been planted and now they bloom and it looks so pretty and tiny little flowers come out of the grass

In our painting course new energies and ideas came out and new paintings were started. The messy table is mine, I just had tried to do a abstract painting. We were all in an excellent mood and were all very cheerful ! After class we went to the Lunch Garden where we arrived at 12.15 and left at nearly 3 pm, so much to chat ! The main menu was "Fish and Chips" which of course I ordered, the fish was good, but the chips were on diet and very skinny !

When I came home Arthur was busy with a sunbath !

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Jo said...

As I loved the last photo, our veranda cat, Lips popped into my shop. I bring her raw chicken livers every day so I think she was coming to thank me. I love the daily excursions you have planned and love your art classes. Have a great day. Jo PS I want to send you photos for a new header?

diane b said...

Spring is cheering you up. The cherry blossoms are beautiful. Your planned trips sound good i'd love to see those tulips. Have fun with Toby

Faith said...

I always enjoymyour photos!! Happy Spring!!

Dianna said...

Your Scrabble group sounds like a lot of fun, Gattina! I love hearing about it and am glad that Mr. G was able to finish off the goodies that the ladies left behind. :)

I envy your trip to the Netherlands to the Keukenhof to enjoy the beauty of the tulips...and the windmills. I love tulips!

Enjoy the time with your son and grandson when they come to visit!

mamasmercantile said...

Your planned trips sounds wonderful. What a beautiful sight the tulips will be. How nice thta Toby is coming for a visit over Easter, I too am blessed two of my daughters and their families, plan to visit.

William Kendall said...

The cherry trees are quite a sight. So is Arthur!

Loree said...

You have sun and we have rain. So we're both happy. I'd love to see the tulips in the Netherlands one day.

Barbara H. said...

Congratulations on your Scrabble score! It's funny how it goes sometimes, with the usual winner last. I know you'll have fun during your time with Toby. And that trip to see the tulips sounds wonderful! My husband is starting to do some outside tasks, too, now that's it's getting warmer and dryer out there. The cherry trees are beautiful.

Wendy said...

I hope you had a good time with your son & Toby.

Susanne said...

So nice to see that milder weather! The Japanese trees are going to be gorgeous when they are all in bloom! Have a wonderful visit with Toby.