18 Mar 2019


Who woke me up ??? &é"$@



My friends and I were invited to a vernissage by a Facebook member of our group. We had known her during our Facebook's meetings and as we all paint, it was normal that we met.

Her exposition took place in a very fancy place in a little village nearby. It was a restaurant/painting furniture shop/and Exposition place all in one. We didn't eat but we had a buffet with little snacks and drinks of all kind. The table sets were old 78 records what I found very original.

It was a very nice vernissage and we met a lot of people.

On Sunday all Shopping malls are closed, but I remembered that around 20 km far was another Garden Center on the French speaking part of Belgium. As it was very windy and it rained, we decided to go there. Looking at colorful flowers and plants would be mood lifting for us. I drove and had told my Mrs. GPS to take the shortest way. It was perhaps the shortest but also the longest.

Suddenly we were in the middle of fields and woods on a cobbled narrow street. We saw cows and horses, but no people and many farmhouses! A very romantic way. My car hopped on the pavement and we laughed and laughed! Finally we saw the Garden Center from a distance and arrived at destination.

As soon as we had entered the store, it started to pour down ! 

Finally we had arrived !

and while we heard the rain drumming on the roof we walked around amongst flowers, vases garden decoration, furniture and more flowers.

There were even little bunnies on sale and I loved this balance ! Unfortunately I couldn't take it along it was also rather expensive. I rocked a bit and my friends feared that I couldn't get out, but they were wrong I almost hopped out like a young girl !

This time I asked Mrs. GPS to take the easiest way ! With the result that we crossed woods, fields, little villages, cobble stones everywhere, narrow streets and not a soul around !

We also had a variety of weather, it hailed, snowed and rained !

I had to drive very slowly, sometimes it was difficult to see the street, but we arrived home without any problems !

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KB said...

Such fun travelling different ways, it's good for your brain too apparently.

mamasmercantile said...

Great photo of the cat. Sounds like fun to be and about with friends, travelling using different routes and staying dry in that amazing garden centre.

Mara said...

The shopping mall went for a walk? Wow, I would have loved seeing that!

DUTA said...

Hillarious picture of the cat! You look quite elegantly dressed in that chair! It was all a nice adventure , after all.

Sandee said...

I hope that kitty is okay with being awakened so suddenly. Great capture.

Looks like you and your gal pals had a great day.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Awww Monday, Gattina. ♥

Tamago said...

Looks like the garden center is in a very peaceful place!
Love the photo of Arthur. What a sweetheart :-)

Fun60 said...

The weather was appalling at the weekend. The garden centre is the perfect place to visit.

Catscue Cat Mom said...

Looks like fun! I love a good garden center.

Wendy said...

Great shot of Arthur. A good idea to visit somewhere that didn't matter if it was raining!

pilch92 said...

Arthur is a cutie.

William Kendall said...

I do like that garden chair. What a yawn!

diane b said...

You have the most adventurous day trips. Lucky you got there before the rain.