12 Feb 2019


I wished I could show you some beautiful pictures from a nice historical place in Brussels or Waterloo, but alas it rains and rains as if the weather would get payed for. While in other countries or continents people are longing for water we are at the point that I have to check if I still have feet or already flippers !

This is the main street of Waterloo, which I had to take to return home.

Doesn't it look beautiful ? Certainly only for those who are depressed. I took the pictures out of my car, I didn't want to get my camera wet, fortunately no policeman saw me, it is certainly not allowed to photograph out of a car. You are not allowed to call your dearest either and soon we are not allowed to smoke in the car ! It doesn't bother me, because I don't smoke, but there are smokers who won't be very happy. On the other side my car is my car and I can do in it what I want, just like my home as long as I don't bother other people. Where is our freedom ?

But I digress ! I continue my way home

rain in my street

and rain in front of our house.

The only one who doesn't bother and comes home wet like a sponge is Arthur.

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  1. Grumpy Gattina, because of the weather.

  2. Arthur, you are beautiful.

  3. Yes the grey skies are depressing but we have had some blue skies here so i have sent them over to you. Didn't realise you have given up smoking. Well done.

  4. Very moody!

    Arthur makes for good company.

  5. Rain is peaceful too. Nice shots of the drops on the window.

  6. Pretty pictures through the window with raindrops! We are having rainy day here as well. Amazing Arthur doesn't care about getting wet!

  7. The rain is getting everyone down, hopefully the sun will appear soon.

  8. I'm surprised that Arthur likes going out in the rain.

  9. I've put my wellies on for my visit to you! We could do with some of your rain to dampen down our unhealthy pollution levels here in Bangkok!
    Wren x

  10. And what a handsome boy he is too!


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