23 Jan 2019


So easy in the snow !!

First thing in the morning I heard from everybody, Television, newspapern, messages, Whatsapps etc was : It will be snowing !! Can we go out ? A disaster. And then I read that we will have 2 to 3 cm in our region (0.79 - 1.18") of course that is a lot ! When I think that in the South of Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc they had or have up to 5 m  (26ft) !

Poor people start to panic ! Really ! They told me that they won't drive or go out ! By the time the snow falls and cars are driving over it's already gone !

While I am typing this, it really started to snow ! It's very seldom I have to say once it didn't snow for 7 years. Last year we had maybe 2 or 3 days. The two pictures above were taken in 2013 !!

So think of me, if ever I am not writing a post for tomorrow I got stuck in the snow !

Belgian News 22 January 2018

SNOW: what time will your region be affected?

The snow falls on the country this Tuesday. it can have a white coat up to 2 to 5 cm high. The snow front will move from west to east. It began with the coast and moved on the region of the center and Brussels, before arriving in the provinces of Namur, Li├Ęge and Luxembourg.

Yess ! For once they were nearly on time !

........ oups, it has stopped !

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  1. And across the pond, in Wisconsin, USA, we are getting 5-7 inches of snow today. About 12-18 cm. That's not horrible for our state as we've had snowfalls over the years of 12-24 inches or more. Yes, we drive in it because we're used to driving in it and a little crazy. Maybe it's the cold?

    I hope you and your citizens stay safe during the snow. Sometimes a small snowfall is just as dangerous as a large one.

  2. I hope you can safely navigate and avoid the folks who can't. We get lots of snow, most years, but we haven't had much yet this year. Still, we have some drivers who should stay off the road on anything other than a sunny day.

  3. Snow causes a bit of consternation here in North Carolina as well.
    Thanks for linking up at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2019/01/morning-glory.html

  4. If the temps go below freezing, we don't leave our homes. We are not prepared for snow in south Texas.

  5. Keep warm. It is very cold here but other than a dusting early this morning we have not had any snow in London yet. Of course once it arrives all transport will come to a stop!

  6. I grew up in Chicago, where driving on snow and ice isn't as big of a deal. When I moved to Georgia, I couldn't understand what the big deal was, until I tried driving on it. First, it's very hilly here, and second, local municipalities don't have the equipment to remove it. They manage to plow the Interstates, but that's it. The rest of us wait until it melts, which, if we're lucky, is only a couple of days.

  7. Oh snow! Brrr! We don't have snow much here and haven't seen any this winter so far.
    Love these old photos of Arthur in the snow :-)
    Stay warm and safe!

  8. Arthur is trying to sort out what all that is.

    Here it's been snowing all day.

  9. It is so strange how normal weather, snow in your case, heat in our case causes so many troubles. Why can't our systems cope with the weather that has been in our cities forever.

  10. The cat on the snow is a wonderful sight!

    Where I live we're not really prepared for bad weather. During storms and rain we get power outages and collapse of trees and electricity cables. Luckily,we don't get snow (only in Jerusalem for a few days in winter).

  11. LOL!! That is how it is here when it rains!
    Everyone's slows to a crawl!
    Even in a drizzle!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful 2013 snow!!

    - Lisa

  12. We got similar dire warnings yesterday, but did it happen? No! It hasn't snowed here for years - I hope I'm not tempting fate!

    My pictures and Linky!


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