25 Jan 2019


After days of announcing snow and the catastrophes we could expect it started snowing finally on Monday !

The front view of our house at noon and the next morning the same with the view on our garden.
I had no desire to go out and preferred to stay home and work on my computer and at the same time like a maintenance women of a building, watching the street ! Besides some dog walkers I didn't see anything interesting, nobody fell or slided.

It doesn't disturb me to drive in snow even when the streets are not cleaned, but when I arrived at my aqua gym, we were only 6 people instead of 12 the others had preferred to stay home. I have to say that Belgium is not used to snow so it's always a mess on the streets because they have not enough equipments to cover the all streets. The building where we have our gym looked beautiful in the snow.

The new bathing suit I had bought last week was a bit narrow, and as I am in my "sweet phase", which means that I eat more chocolats, I thought maybe I have put on weight. I stepped on my balance, and the balance was kind to me, I only had one kg more, and that is still in my tolerance zone, my alarm starts to ring when I have difficulties with closing my jeans. Normally I never use the balance only when the alarm is ringing.

We met at Myriam's for our scrabble, I don't know what happened, maybe it was the snow, but we were all very distracted and laughed and chatted more then thinking about a word. The result was that the game lasted over our coffee time so we stopped counted our points, I was third that sounds better then nearly the last one.

As it is below 0° C I took the opportunity and defrosted our freezer. The few things which were still inside I put in a plastic bag and in our garden. Now it's done and I wait that the little light becomes green and I can put back the food I had put in the garden. I also have to fill it in again, so I have to shop this afternoon.

Our freezer is an old thing, but still working, the new once of course defrost themselves !

The weatherman said that it won't snow again, but the cold weather remains, which makes me think that perhaps a snow storm is arriving ! They get it always or mostly wrong !

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  1. We had like half a centimeter here and several things were cancelled. Most people drive on summer tyres (yes, me too) and are not at all used to snow or ice.

  2. Here in the northeastern United States we finally got some snow too...a lot more than you folks!!

    Looks like you had a lovely week even with the little weight gain!! I always see the scales go up in the winter months.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. A weather forecast is only good for the next three hours. Then the accuracy starts to drop like a rock off a cliff.

    I do like the look of that snow!

  4. Beautiful sceneries with snow there! It sure looks cold, though :-)
    People in this area are not used to snow, either, and there is always a mess on the street with a little bit of snow fall.
    Stay warm and have a great weekend!

  5. Gattina I have put on weight too, all this eating away on our holidays lol!

  6. We have the same situation with snow - we don't get it enough for the county to invest in a lot of equipment. The Scrabble game sounds fun!

  7. The first cartoon is funny. I've never thought of the advantage of snow to keep food frozen.

  8. So you did get snow! Thank you for sharing the pictures. They are so beautiful. We had some snow this week too...two or three times. But the roads are clear.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Still no sign of snow here. It all looks so picturesque until it turns to slush. Keep warm and enjoy the white scenery.

  10. I hope you have gotten more snow--then you can stay home more. And snow is prettier than rain.

  11. Although cold and inconvenient the snow is pretty.


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