21 May 2018


It was the weekend of Pentecost or WhitsundaY. Therefore all shops and stores were closed and a lot of people away to the sea or in the Ardennes as it was a long weekend. Monday is also a holiday and everything closed.

Anyway I had to sort out my photos which kept me busy.

But before I have been in Windsor because I was invited to Harry's and Megan's wedding ! It was a last minute invitation and I badly needed a hat because all ladies would probably wear a hat ! and I found a nice one !

Unfortunately this was only a dream, in reality I was laying on the sofa and watched this very special wedding on TV. I took pictures just for me when I read my blog in a few years.

I watched on the Belgian channel RTB where it started already at around 10 am (in the UK it was  9 am) They showed the little town of Windsor the little streets and explained about the castle and its  history. It was very interesting. Then for those who didn't really know the couple, they talked about them both. how they met etc.

 Then the first guests arrived

I recognized Pippa the sister of Kate and underneath George Clooney who was the only one not wearing a dark suit but a silvery thing and not very respectfully had always a hand in his pocket. Therefore his poor wife looked a bit overdressed ! There were many more celebrities but I thought I would find better pictures on internet.

The inside of the church and the Queen with Prince Philip. I had been in this church one day after Edward (youngest son of the Queen) married Sophie Rees Jones in 1999. It was a pure coincidence that I visited the church just one day after their wedding, but I was visiting my son who lived in London at that time and he wanted to show me Windsor and it's castle. I remember that I found the church very small inside and wondered that so many guests could sit in there. There still also was the floral decoration.

arriving of the bride who walked alone up the stairs and

 Before the marriage vows, officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the assembled guests – plus many millions watching on television around the world – heard a sermon delivered by American preacher Michael Bruce Curry, the 27th Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church. I loved it ! He was speaking and gesticulating like 10 Italians together and I saw in the public that a few people had to smile (the younger once even laughed) and the others tried to remain serious. Never in my life I had heard a preacher like him in this outburst of temperament !The Bishop behind him didn't move I thought he looks like a figure out of Mme Tussaud's wax cabinet ! The contrast of both men was hilarious.

and then took the arm of Prince Charles.

the young couple

I watched until the end when the TV channel returned to the News ! I didn't want to go from this beautiful wedding to the ugly and bloody news we have each day !

I didn't do anything else I was feeling lazy and a bit tired. So two days staying home and work a bit on my computer was a nice rest. 


diane b said...

The preacher was hilarious but I couldn't watch him for long.

Mara said...

I didn't see a single thing as I had to work. But of the photos I have seen I thought George Clooney looked lovely (I like George Clooney)! And Meghan's dress was very pretty indeed. No fuss, just pretty.

Linens and Royals said...

Your dream hat would have been perfect if you had an invitation. The wedding was at 9pm here so I had to wait all day. I thought everything was perfect, the dress, Meghan's mother looked good and the small children walking up the aisle were so cute. There were some strange hats stuck on the side of the head some non-royal guests so if I had any criticism that was it. The veil was beautiful and had wattle for Australia and flowers from other commonwealth countries embroidered on it. I wasn't sure about Meghan at first and now I think they make a wonderful couple.

Maribeth said...

Did you hear that they left an empty seat next to Prince William with a memorial ribbon for Diana? Also, they played a hymn that was sung at her funeral. Little things to keep the memory of Diana with them during the service.
It was a lovely wedding and it was nice to see Meghan in a proper gown and not a Hollywood Glamour gown! She looked lovely.
I was up at 4:15 AM our time so I could watch the whole thing. I felt like I was in a fairy tale. Later in the day I watch Cate Blanchett's version of Cinderella and stayed in the magical moment!

Wendy said...

We missed it all because we were travelling to Nottingham. I plan to watch it on catch up when I get a chance but you've given me a very good commentary on the event!

Loree said...

I enjoyed watching the wedding and all the royals and celebrities. Windsor is so pretty and I think it was a perfect setting for this wedding.

mamasmercantile said...

I put on a hat (like you for a few minutes) and watched the wedding, it was a joy to watch.

William Kendall said...

It was broadcast here, of course, but as I don't have cable at home, I didn't see it.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

A good review -- I woke up early (it was very early here) and watched the guests arriving and saw the beautiful flowers and up through the beginning when she walked in alone . Then I had to get out of my chair and make coffee and breakfast and I lost track of it all, so I missed the sermon and the actual vows.