18 May 2018



Another week went by and it seems to me more and more quick !

This time we had to dress in thick pullovers and play scrabble inside it was only 17 °C  ! Last week the temperature was almost double and we could play outside. Dog Tosca saw our coffee break arriving and was very interested in the salmon toasts. This time we had a salty break with cherry tomatoes, olives and toast. We were only 3 because the two others were on holidays !

The bouquet I got for mother day looks still beautiful and fresh !

Despite our rollercoaster weather the rhododendron bush is blooming amongst my fake flowers in pots ! It's nice to have both, the most important is, that I don't have to work !

This is the truth ! Summer, winter, spring and autumn clothes are all hanging all together ! Useless to select them per season ! Yesterday I had to change 3 times, very cold in the morning, very warm in the afternoon, and cool in the evening ! We still have the heating timer set on 20° !

We were three to have lunch in this Lebanese Restaurant. I had already eaten Lebanese plates, and was disappointed of what was on offer here. It was presented like a buffet and you could eat as much as you wanted, but the food didn't taste good at least for me. I was surprised that they served carrots with peas in the main course !

And another week ended.

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  1. I lnow what you mean about the weather. 6 deg this morning so the heating is back on. At least the sun is shining so it will be much hotter this sfternoon. Your rhododendren is looking beautiful. Have a good weekend.

  2. Yes, 17 inside is too cold for us. 20 is ok without heating and if colder, the heating usually boosts the temperature to 22. Not quite cozy, but comfortable.

  3. At last our weather has settled into beautiful Autumn sunny days with cooler mornings and evenings. Your flowers are beautiful. I need a magnifying glass to read your tiny font size.

  4. The weather has been very changeable here in the USA too. Pretty Mothers Day flowers! I enjoy eating at restaurants, and I am sometimes disappointed in them. However, we had a very good experience at an Italian place in Tupelo yesterday. The food was good, service was excellent, and we had a discount coupon so the price was very reasonable
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Tosca is a good name for a dog!

    Here it tends to be cool in the evening and the early morning, so you notice it if you're in shirt sleeves, but by mid-day, you don't want to be wearing jackets.

  6. Our weather had been up and down for a long time, but it's been pretty warm this week. Your flowers are pretty! So is the rhododendron. Hope you have a good weekend.

  7. Lovely flowers. It's been sunny most of this week but yes still chilly at times. Shame about the Lebanese food, especially when you've been looking forward to it.

  8. My 'children' who live in Colorado have weather like that all year round.... they carry extra coats of different weights and gloves in their car even in August, because you just never know.

  9. Our evenings here in SoCal are almost always cool since we have the coastal mediterranean climate. I wore a coat, hat and gloves on my evening walk last night.
    The flowers both inside and outside your home are lovely!

  10. It been a busy life for you.
    Coffee is on

  11. We had rollercoaster weather a little while ago, too. Summer on Tuesday, winter on Wednesday!
    Mother’s Day bouquet looks beautiful :-)

  12. Your weather sounds like ours in some ways. Tuesday and Wednesday we were running the air conditioner and Thursday the heat. I never know how to dress for the day, I have become very adept at being a quick change artist! LOL. Beautiful flowering bush!

  13. Carrots and peas don't sound very Lebanese - not that I would know as I have never eaten Lebanese food.


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