22 May 2018


Each year in spring it is the same when you have a garden (yard) and you have to prepare it for the rest of the year or almost because the seasons have changed. At least that's my believe !

This year we also had to "repair" the damages our internet provider had done by digging a deep hole in our garden by mistake !! This part of the garden had to be completely redone.

I don't have a green thumb and reduce garden work to a minimum  and Mr. G. never had.

This part of the garden had to be covered with a thick plastic which doesn't allow weeds to grow and then covered with barks.

Of course Mr. G. couldn't do that anymore and I hired a gardener

 it was quite some work  !

Now it looks nice and clean

He also cut what had to be cut in the shrubs

Now it's nice to look at the blooming lilac

I put fake flowers in my pots so I don't have to water it and nobody can see that they are fake when people walk by our house.

The entrance

I honestly don't care, the most important thing is that it looks nice and clean.

the front yard

and on the side a rockery

We have been told to let some weeds in the lawn like daisies for the bees because we all have to feed them otherwise they die out. Therefore I have a good excuse not to pull out weeds all the time !

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Joyful said...

Oh Gattina, I'm so sorry that the internet workers left a mess in your garden. that was unexpected work and also expense. You sound like me. Not much of a gardener but I keep trying. Even a little bit of garden is too much for me without help because of having to carry everything up from parking, up the elevator and in through the apartment out to the patio. It makes me cringe every year, lol but I do like to look at brightly coloured blossoms and these days I like to try and grow a few veggies. I'm glad to hear the internet workers finally made it to your house. I hope all is working well now.

Lea said...

Your gardener guy did a good job! It looks very nice. Just call those weeds wildflowers and let them grow for the bees and butterflies!
Have a great week!

diane b said...

Yes its much easier to read now. Well done!. Gardening is hard work as we get older. I'm glad that you hired a gardener. The garden looks very neat and tidy. Now you can sit and enjoy it.

Maribeth said...

I used to garden so much. But since the surgery and infection in my spine, I no longer do it. I look in my yard and feel very sad. At least a few shrubs and some of the fruit trees survive. Jack does less and less as now he has had his 80th birthday, he no longer cares.

William Kendall said...

That is a lot of work!

Tamago said...

Your garden is looking beautiful! The fake flowers don't look like fake. They add lovely colors in your garden :-)

Jo said...

I love the bark chip covering and the fake flowers. You did a great makeover. You can sit on the porch and enjoy it now!

mamasmercantile said...

It is all looking wonderful, such a great idea to have bark it looks so natural.

Loree said...

Your garden is looking very clean and pretty

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, my dear friend, you always make me smile. You say you haven't done very much work but it is a huge amount of work compared with what we do. And your results are beautiful. I especially love the fake flowers in the pots. I have some pots with nothing in them...what a good idea.
Dick has recently started to pull up dandelions when he is outside with the dog. Our back lawn is huge and it is hard work. I'm actually surprised he's doing it, but maybe it is good exercise for him. It is certainly good exercise for the dog, running circles around him to get him to play 'fetch' with her.
(And it's awful what your internet provider did...by mistake! I hope they paid for it.)
Hugs from here.
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Fun60 said...

Good for you getting a gardener to do the heavy work. Your garden is looking very colourful with your mix of fake and real flowers.

Lady Fi said...

It's looking very lovely.