27 Mar 2018


This is our little train station in Waterloo. It hasn't changed very much since it had been opened in February 1874.

There are two platforms one towards Brussels the other towards Charleroi.
To reach platform 2 you have to go through a little tunnel which had been the joy of taggers ! It looked awful. As soon as the tags were cleaned off, new once appeared. Our little station therefore looked always dirty and not very trustful. 

Then the city had a great idea. They asked real Graffiti art artists  to decorate the walls with murals, that way there was no way left for dirty tags like below.

Unfortunately I have no picture of the ugly tags of the tunnel

But now if you walk through it's a real pleasure for those who love art

And still some @$%& find a place to leave their traces !

But now at least our station looks very nice !

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Andrew said...

Very bright and colourful. There was a time when graffitists would not touch an artist's mural, but sadly here now some do. I guess it time it will gain more tagging, but for now, it is great.

magiceye said...

It sure brightens up the tunnel!`

Lea said...

They have made it beautiful! A pleasant walkway.

Tamago said...

Wow, there are some interesting graffitis!
I like "super duck" image. It's very cute!

William Kendall said...

A good idea. It gives the vicinity a bright, dynamic energy. The dancer is my favourite part.

Mara said...

I love the mushrooms. They are so cute!!

Kay L. Davies said...

I'd love to see your station! It looks wonderful.
When my artist brother was young, he painted a mural on a building in our home town. It was beautiful, and a go-to spot for visitors.
I just noticed that my friend Mara commented on the mushrooms, so I had to go back to look. Yes, they are definitely cute. And the mural of the woman dancing in clothes that look like flowing water...wonderful!
Hug a cat for me,
Love, Kay

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Fun60 said...

What a good idea to hopefully deter the unwanted graffiti from the untalented artists. It looks very bright and colourful.