26 Mar 2018


Flowers made out of fruits

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For a retired couple weekends are rather boring, at least when it's still winter. The flower shows are delayed because nothing blooms.

Finally looking in the mirror I found that I really needed a haircut ! Usually on Saturdays it's difficult to get a place even without appointments. Some hairdressers do.

I was lucky I had only to wait for half an hour and then it was my turn. So I came out with a new head and felt already better. As it was windy and humid I returned home and continued my TV marathon.

Sunday morning a miracle happened and the sun pointed its nose ! It had been at least more than a year I hadn't been to Brussels' midi market and Nicole and I decided to go for a walk there. Sometimes you can do quite some bargains.

As you can see people are still warmly dressed ! I bought some socks for Mr. G. and a nighty for me didn't find anything else. Nicole came back with enormous mushrooms and also socks. We had a drink on the terrace of the restaurant, where it was so warm that I had to take off my jacket.

Then we went home.  We had been really lucky because in the afternoon it was again TV time because it became cloudy and cold.


Fun60 said...

Those flowers made from fruit are very cleverly carved. Fingers crossed Spring is finally here.

Andrew said...

It's quite a nice photo of you, with a fresh look.

Lea said...

Beautiful fruit! A haircut and shopping with a friend always makes me feel better too! I do not watch much TV, but I have been reading a lot these rainy days.
Have a wonderful week!

Mara said...

I know a lady who does those fruit carvings as well. So talented. If I were to have to do it, you would get fruit salad and nothing else!!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - love the flower fruits - very clever - cheers Hilary

William Kendall said...

A good haircut!

It occurs to me that I have no idea how much a haircut goes for these days, what with shaving my head every other day for years on end.

Tamago said...

How nice you got some sunshine for a change :-)
I love the fruit flowers. Beautiful! I once tried to make fruit flower but failed miserably. It requires good skills!

magiceye said...

Lovely fruit carvings and a wonderful hair styling too!