29 Jan 2018


Rosie's little nose

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I didn't do much this weekend ! My friend (and neighbor) since 1975 had passed away fortunately at home where she was in palliative care. Her daughter a nurse had taken a month off from work to take care of her mother. I was with them when they took the body away and honestly it was terrible. I tried to comfort the two daughters a bit, and then went home.

In the afternoon I absolutely had to go out because I needed some distraction. I called Monique and Nicole and we went again to our Tea Room. This time I took some pictures. We had the cream tea and as always when we are together the good mood and cheerfulness came back.

We talked to two ladies at the other table, she had a broken arm and her friend had to help her eating, while Nicole has a tendinitis in her left leg and had put her leg on another chair. We joked that it looked like a hospital !

We once had this store in the center of Waterloo, but ever since it moved to the main street leading to Brussels, I had never been in this new store. But I want to make a cream tea brake on Monday when we play scrabble and it is my turn.

In this store they only sell British things, like a little Tesco. I found my sour cream (!!!) I found scones for my girls and for Mr. G. his beloved gammon steak he hadn't eaten for ages ! So tonight is English food on the table. I also bought Cornish pastries which he loved very much. I know now where I have to go back when I need a speciality which I can't get in our supermarkets.

The rest of the weekend I spent as doormanwoman for Arthur, when he was out he realized that it was still cold so he wanted to come in. He tried 3 times more, but at the last time he tried,   I didn't let him out, so he settled down on my lap and slept while I was watching a movie, using his back as computer support.


Andrew said...

I'd heard so much about gammon before we went to England but I was not impressed. I'd rather have bacon.

mamasmercantile said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your friends and neighbour, sincere condolences.

Maribeth said...

Oh how I wish we had a British Store here. I love Cornish Pasties, and Clotted Cream too. As it is I drink English Breakfast Tea! It will be a while until I see England again.

Loree said...

I loved Rosie's pink nose. Have you been able to get to my new blog yet or are you still having problems?

Claudie Cartereau said...

La nouvelle est bien triste pour ta voisine.
Tu as bien fait de sortir après une telle émotion. Je ne connais pas ce salon de thé !