17 Nov 2017


Waterloo Lion as usual

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1. When it is so grey and humid outside I need a GPS to find the way out of my bed. But unfortunately I can't do like my cats, laying around the whole day and being served meals at time !

As usual I lost again at our scrabble game, the strangest thing is, I am the only one who has learned French as an adult and my spelling is nearly perfect, while all my friends who went to school in Belgium, have all difficulties with the spelling ! So I became a sort of dictionary. That's probably why I always loose ?! No, I think it's why the others are better in calculation and I don't calculate points, I just look for nice words instead of 8 points I then have only 1 ! But as always it was fun. This time it was Nicole who received the scrabble group.

2. I decided to make a lazy day, I just filled in our freezer but didn't do any other shopping, I returned quickly home where it was nice and warm. As my Grandson will be 7 tomorrow I made a card for him, which took me nearly the whole afternoon. I sent it per email to my son and asked him to print it, put it in an envelope and then in his letter box, because our mail service is so lousy here that only offices (and still) use the mail. My son complained that I had forgotten to also send the envelope by mail !! Does anybody know how to do that ??

and while I did this I discovered a lot of other companies doing what everybody calls now "photoshop".


This is our internet  connection since Monday. The company had promised to repair as soon as possible, but it seems to me that the responsible has once lived in Africa in the Congo which was a Belgian colony and hasn't forgotten how to repair in the bush. So we are still with our cable on the street. So far nobody has damaged it.

Today they called and said that the fault was in our garden !

The leader of the mole colony ?

I don't know how this can happen, maybe a mole colony liked cables and damaged them.  Anyway Mr. G. was asked to dig a hole 1 m long and 1 m large and 80 cm deep. Now poor Mr. G. has arthritis 1and isn't 20 anymore and I am a weak woman, so we had the big problem who could dig the hole ! We couldn't ask cat Arthur his holes are too small. Finally Mr. G. had a great idea (when I am away he gets great ideas, when I am here, he waits until I have them) anyway he suddenly remembered that our new neighbor has a building contractors company and he asked him if he didn't have somebody who could dig the hole. And of course he had and Saturday hopefully (always depends on the weather) it will be done. And then we hope the internet company can fill the hole with cables or whatever the only thing which is important is that internet works !


As usual we had a lot of pleasure while painting, especially when a classmate put her things together and it looked as if she had cleaned up a hospital ! It looked as if the glass was full of blood and the cotton too ! I wanted to start to paint Arthur, but finally a part from the ears I didn't get any further.

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diane b said...

Glad you are still having fun with painting group and scrabble group. The card for Toby was delightful. I can't believe the internet cable company wouldn't dig the hole for the cables??/

Lea said...

What an interesting group of 5 you have today. Love the card for Toby!
An internet friend of mine has just started a new blog for her artwork. You might find it interesting to visit.
Have a wonderful week!

Tamago said...

I love the card you made! Happy birthday to your grandson!
It's unsettling to have your internet cable lying on the street. I hope the company will get it fixed soon!

Andrew said...

The card is very cute. Our mail service is as bad as yours. Who put the cable in your garden in the first place? I would have thought the company is responsible for its maintenance.

Barbara H. said...

That's awful about the mail. People use it less and less here, but it does still run, though it's getting more expensive all the time. Happy Birthday to Toby! I am sure he'll love the card.

I used to aim to make long words in Scrabble, but playing against another friend who used to always win, I learned her tricks. Sometimes a short word with certain letters on the double or triple score, or a word on top of or beside another word, so you're making words both ways, makes a lot more points. Now I often win against her.

That's awful about the internet woes. It does seem like the company would dig the hole, but I guess then they'd charge you excessively for it.

Joyful said...

You're very funny today Gattina. I think you are a genius for making a card and sending it by email. I never thought of that. Of course my scanner isn't connected now and needs new drivers. I had a computer virus wiping everything out and needed to start all over again and so I haven't figured out how to connect the scanner yet. I may ask for help. I can't believe your internet wires are so exposed. That is really something. On the other hand, I can't get faster internet because I live in a condo where the Council doesn't wish to pay the construction required. I can't blame them, not everyone uses the same internet company but it means I'm stuck with ancient services. I hope this weekend will correct your internet problems.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Nice, moody skies!

Lady Fi said...

Wonderful moody skies and I like the white building too.