13 Nov 2017


I found this on a table somewhere but have no idea what it was it looked like a tiny leave or fruit ?

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On Saturday I was occupied the whole morning with my Smartphone ! A friend of Mr. G. had managed to repair it but it took him the whole day, as he had to reset it completely ! I can assure you nobody can get into your smartphone if it is secured with a code or a pattern. Most of the things were automatically in again with my Google account and I had only to do little things. My photos were not lost as I always put them immediately on my computer ! So finally it was a good lesson, but bad for my poor nerves. I had never thought how depended you become. Usually I never need to call, but without mobile suddenly I had to call husband and friends ! That's psychological.

Besides my  Smartphone drama we had another one, worse, our wifi connection was broken. After a long time with a lot of patience a technician showed up and declared that all tubes under the sidewalk and the street have to be renewed but in the meanwhile he "repaired" (à la Belge) and pulled a cable from the neighbor in front where the box is over the street and the sidewalk on our little wall behind the cats into our basement. It works, that's the most important thing I only hope that nobody has the bad idea to cut the cable, or pull it away. They probably have to open the sidewalk and the street the other neighbors will be delighted.

The only one happy in this house was Rosie she had caught a fat mouse and ate it on the terrace while I hoped she wouldn't bring it home ! That was her last uncooked barbecue probably !

It rains


Andrew said...

It is unusual that your cat ate the mouse. Usually they play and torture the mouse until it is dead and then leave it, or as you know, present it to their owner as a gift, showing what fine hunters they are.

diane b said...

Yes I feel lost if I forget to take my phone with me. WE are getting dependent on them. We are also dependent on the internet so it must be a worry to have to have a cable above the ground.

Fun60 said...

Your technology has let you down this week.

Claudie Cartereau said...

How many time will you work like that with internet ? I hope nobody will cat the cabble in the street ! We are definitively addict to smartphone, I think !