18 Nov 2017


1. Starts with T
2. black and white
3. paper

Kim has a long and bushy tail

I looked out of the window and saw the nature in black and white ! Even the bird has no color and I didn't set my camera on black and white. Must be my autumn mood !

This paper is the start of a new pastel painting. Besides the invisible ears and nose I didn't go far !

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I took this picture through the window. Arthur sleeping (what else) on the radiator !

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Jim said...

Great reflection shot.
Sydney – City and Suburbs

Valerie said...

Arthur looks very comfortable!

Jim said...

O Gattina,, those invisible ears and nose are beautiful!!! Are they ones that one can make visible or are they only visible using the artist's imagination? Good luck with the picture, I know it will be nice.
And, O for a cat to use from Friday Hunts. Your Kim is so very obliging. She's also pretty as will be the picture.
I've been missing for three weeks, we have been traveling via the Regal Princess ship.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Love your black cats busy tail and the llaid back white cat and reflection. Have a lovely weekend.

Fun60 said...

Arthur always chooses the best spots. Lots of grey days here as well.

diane b said...

Your cats have a good life. I like the black and white photo that isn't. But it does have a gloomy winter mood about it.

Tamago said...

Kim has such a gorgeous tail!
I love this photo of Arthur, too. He looks very content :-)

Claire MW said...

Good to see Kim and that marvelous tail! I look forward to the next stage in your new painting!