21 Aug 2016


I decided to write my holiday memories here on my blog, so when I am old and shaky, sitting (perhaps) in my wheelchair, I have something to read which I meanwhile had forgotten due to my old age.

When I arrived in London St. Pancras station, everything looked as usual, nothing had changed compared to the year before. But then I took the Bus to Victoria Station, where I had to take the train to Eastbourne at the English coast. I always take the bus when I am not in a hurry, because at least I see something. But what I saw this time was awful. There were works going on everywhere, under ground and over ground, on the streets and in the air, there were more deviations then streets, fortunately mostly the bus was allowed to go through. New buildings had grown like mushrooms and one more uglier then the other. At least it seemed to me. When I finally got to Victoria station, I left my luggage there. In front of the station was one huge construction area and workers and machines were digging at their hearts content. To cross the street and find the Buckingham street, I would have needed my GPS, but as I didn't have it I had to ask twice ! This street normally is very easy to find as it is nearly just in front of the station.

And this was what I saw, the unfinished London 2016, I wonder if it will be finished until I am able to go there ! 

St. Pancras hasn't changed since last year

The taxis too were still the same

Machines stretched their "arms" high in the sky

Oxford circus looked the same, at least from what I saw

Can't remember this

Another place which hadn't changed ! I felt better

This was new too me but didn't look that ugly

The good old Pub was still there in Buckingham street

and then the nightmare started again !

At least the clock survived

The architect who pondered this would get a 0 on 10 from me !

And other nice views !

After having seen the new still unfinished London (I had hopes after the Olympic games) I went to Buckingham palace, which still stood there unchanged and visited the Exhibition of the Royal State Rooms and the clothes of the Queen.

to be continued..../....


Andrew said...

I know what you mean but London doesn't do a bad job of preserving its heritage, unlike here where so many historical buildings are demolished. The architecture of new buildings can certainly be called into question. Your nightmare started photo is a good example of how not to rebuild in an area.

Mara said...

I have not been to London for some time, so it will be interesting to see it again. Although not this year!

Linens and Royals said...

OH London, I wish you weren't so far away. Still Buckingham Palace remains the same as always but how I wish I could see the latest exhibitions. Thank you for keeping me up to date. Shibella won't allow me to travel.

mamasmercantile said...

I haven't been to London for awhile but do feel they do a good job at preserving the old. Like you not to sure about the new!

Loree said...

Oh dear, what are they doing? Why is it that they seem to be demolishing every single European city and building ugly blocks instead?

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

My goodness so much construction. Bummer.

Fun60 said...

Fortunately London does well preserving its historical buildings and in the main new buildings fit alongside them. There are always exceptions as I referred to in my post this week. I hope it isn't too long before Victoria returns to normality. The building of a new rail line crossing from the West of London to the East is responsible for many of the cranes you see.