24 Aug 2016



The view I had in our bus, during the whole trip


The second day of our tour we stopped in Bo'ness  to ride on this old steam train through the very green landscape. Unfortunately the day was a little grey but even so our eyes hurt with all this green and afterwards somebody baptized this journey "the green trip". Not even a white cow or some sheep interrupted the green trees and grass.

The Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway is a heritage railway in Bo'ness, near Edinburgh, Scotland. It is operated by the Scottish Railway Preservation Society, and operates a total of over 8 km (5 miles) of track (between Bo'ness and Manuel Junction, via Kinneil and Birkhill),

Besides the green landscape we expected to see something special, but after the 8 km the train stopped and made the same way back with another steam engine.

Fortunately the station was very nice and time had stood still here

I had never thought that a station could look real cute

There were pick nick tables but unfortunately it was a little too cold for that.

There also was a restaurant and a shop.

Very old luggages showed us with what people used to travel !

Unfortunately the museum was closed.

After having admired the old engines, and walked a little around we quickly returned to our warm bus, it was really cold this day in August !


  1. Now that is a view to enjoy every day! Glad I always sat in the front...

  2. I know some train afectionados who would love that trip!

    Funny view on the train!

    Here's my Wordless Wednesday.

  3. Such a shame the museum was closed, the vintage luggage was amazing to see.

  4. It sounds like a very interesting tour, but what the heck was horrible Donald Trump sitting in front of you with his horrible hair?

  5. Great series - makes me feel nostalgic somehow.
    Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/08/along-eno-river.html

  6. I love train trip! Too bad the museum was closed but they got some nice exhibits!

  7. Had to laugh at your view on the bus. :D That is a quaint train station with the picket fence. Too bad it was too cold to enjoy it is much as you might. Nothing like riding a train, everyone should experience it.

  8. I love steam engines and railway stations. What a lovely trip! Wish I was there.

  9. Sounds great. You have a wonderful time. All pics looks beautiful.

  10. Are you sure it wasn't Trump sitting before you?....lol..


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