22 Aug 2016


I had half a day in London and had ordered an entrance ticket to the Buckingham Palace, where I could visit the State rooms but also the Queens clothes.

It was very well organized and at 11.15 I was in. Outside was a huge crowd  lining up to buy a ticket ! Via internet it is far easier.

There were a lot of guardians, mostly students as it seemed because they looked very young.

I was a bit surprised to see an obviously Muslim women working at the bag control. I mean I have nothing against wearing a scarf on the street and everywhere else but not at work ! I have never worked wearing a big cross on my head ! Religion has nothing to do with work ! I have never seen that in Belgium.

The controls went quite quick and soon I was in and could see the famous balcony from where the Royal family always waves to the crowd a little closer.

The Palace seemed smaller to me compared to what I had already seen in my life.

It was not allowed to take pictures inside, but I managed to take these.

Hiding my camera behind my cat case I took a picture of the thrown, unfortunately a person just went by and I didn't dare to take a second chance. I can understand that taking pictures of paintings is not allowed but why furniture or rooms ?

Anyway there was not much to photograph as the State rooms where rather poorly furnished and besides the beautiful crystal chandeliers nothing special to be seen except the paintings.

I was surprised to see the Queen's clothes, what a short woman she is ! I had never realized when I saw her with her family. So Prince Philip must not be that tall  either ! Of course everything is relative, for me tall is 2 m (6.6) which is the size of my son and my husband is only a little shorter. But what a character in this tiny woman !!

On the plastic models the dresses looked not that nice, fortunately there were pictures where she wore them and indeed she has a good taste.

The tour didn't last long for me and then I stepped out in the park !

There was a café in a white tent and of course I had a little lunch there.

There were not yet many people

My coffee was served in this light blue carton cup, and I forgot to steel it, fortunately I have the picture.

The café filled up slowly slowly more and more people arrived.

From there we walked to the souvenir shop !

and what a shop !

You almost could find everything from cushions to plates, toys and clothes etc

My modesty forbade me to buy myself a crown

There were a lot of people in the shop !

and then came the best part for me ! the park ! What a beauty ! It smelled so good and it was just gorgeous !

very well entertained

Beautiful corners and benches everywhere. So I decided not to go out into the under construction London but to stay in the Buckingham palace park. It was so nice, I chatted with people and felt good. When it was time to go back to the station I left the park.

I turned around and saw other people just arriving.

What a beautiful day !


Andrew said...

Nice post. What are all those birds? A photo of your coffee cup is all you need, not keeping the real thing.

How the female guard is dressed is cultural, not especially religious. I have no problem with that, until they start hiding their faces.

Tamago said...

What a beautiful place to visit. I really love the park. And the cafe under tent. I could spend hours in that gift shop...:-)

Mara said...

It sounds as if you had a fantastic day. I wouldn't mind seeing the Palace someday.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Gattina, you don't need to buy a crown to be royalty (or at least treated like a royal in the blogging world; we all think you are the greatest!)....

This was a wonderful tour and what a good idea to buy tickets on line. I think it would be impossible NOT to admire Queen Elizabeth, even for people who questioned the need for royalty in this day and age. She really is a woman of character. It is interesting to know that she is short -- i wouldn't have thought that either.

Linens and Royals said...

You are always so brave when travelling I am surprised There is not a photo of you sitting on the famous throne.

jennyfreckles said...

Even though I live in England I have never done this tour. When I am retired (soon!) perhaps I will treat myself to the visit.