19 Aug 2016


1. Monday was my last day in Eastbourne at the English south east coast.

I took the bus and went to the seafront for the last time (at least this year) and sat on a bench, watching people, the sea and enjoying the fresh air. It was a beautiful day.


We went to a nice Pub to have our good bye meal together with the neighbour Ivonne, and I was slightly "offended" that the waitress brought us the senior menu immediately, instead of faking that we didn't look like seniors at all ! The food was good but as usual the portions were enormous, compared to what we usually get in other European countries.  Ivonne, now over 70 knew this Pub from her childhood, admired the extension and all the changes which had been done.


Pousse-Pousse was my replacement cat, she was the queen of the house. Now that my friend is a widower, she is at least a companion to him and he loves her very much. For her he gets up at 5 or 6 in the morning just like my Ladyship wants, to give her breakfast and then sighing goes to bed again.

4. On my way back to Brussels I stopped in London and met Wendy from Wendy's Waffel in St. Pancras station and she took me to Russel Park not so far away. The sun was shining and the park beautiful and we had lunch together, I my beloved baked potato and she a sandwich. It was really nice and we didn't run out of subjects to talk about !

I think it is wonderful to meet new blogfriends life !


I had made approx 800 pictures, which I now have to sort out and put in folders.

Fortunately the date is on the pictures, otherwise I wouldn't know where it had been taken ! I had been in Gretna Green,  on a steam train in Bo'ness and Kinnel railway, Edenburgh, Edenburgh Tattoo,  in the Trossachs, doing a cruise on Loch Katrine, Moffat, and Gretna Gateway Outlet village and at the end 5 days in Eastbourne to rest !

Now I am home again for a while !

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


diane b said...

That sounds like you had a good time. The cat sure seems to be a bossy boots. How neat to meet another blogger. It is fun if not a bit scary at first. I must check out Wendy'd blog

Andrew said...

Eastbourne looks nice, except the grains of sand at the beach look very large. We don't really have beaches like that in Australia. It is either sand or rocks.

Tamago said...

Such beautiful pictures - it must be fun to go over and sort out even though you have so many :-)
How nice you got to see your bloggie friend. Sounds like you had a great time together!

Barbara H. said...

What a nice week! I'm not even 60 yet but sometimes get offered senior discounts. :-/ I think they think they're being nice in offering a deal, but don't realize their offer means we think they think we're old! Glad you got to meet a blog friend in real life! So far I haven't had the opportunity except for someone I knew before blogging - we rediscovered each other through our blogs.

mamasmercantile said...

A great trip with so many photos you will be able to relive your trip again whilst sorting them all out. Such fun.

Kathie said...

What a wonderful trip - with some lovely sunny weather too! I really enjoyed eating in pubs the last time I was in the UK! Especially the curry - they do a better job of that in London than here!

I don't really like sorting out pictures - but I enjoy taking them. It's a bit of a problem ;)

It's such fun to meet bloggers in real life. I've done it a few times and, like you, never ran out of things to say!

Have a great week Gattina!

Maribeth said...

I'm sorry I have not been around. Health problems are plaguing me, and then we traveled by car to Savannah, Georgia 1150 miles each way and then I was on Cape Cod for my High School Reunion. I will try very hard to visit your blogs more often. I have missed you!

Fun60 said...

You took the blue skies home with you as well as many more happy memories. Look forward to seeing your photos of Edinburgh.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Sure looks like a nice day. Coffee is on

Willow said...

Wow, what a great week you had! Tootling around England--a perfect holiday! That calico kitty is adorable--and a perfect feline companion.

Loree said...

I love how you travel all over the place and then come back to share the photos with us.

Susanne said...

How exciting that you met another blogging friend in Wendy. The day at the beach looks like it was lovely.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It must be very nice to meet bloggers in real life! You had a very busy trip! And i think it is great to write your travel memories which are very interesting to the rest of us as well as for the reason of being something you can read when you are no longer traveling. That's why I blog too (partly).

Wendy said...

Well now I have decent wifi I have just been catching up on all your posts. Lovely pictures, especially with all the blue skies. It was certainly a busy trip for you so it was lovely to be able to meet up for the afternoon in London.