29 Mar 2016


After the attacks on a Brussels metro station and the airport on March 22, on the "Place de la Bourse" in Brussels' center, people paid tribute at a makeshift memorial for victims just underneath "La Bourse" (ancient stock market, now museum)

As I was already in Brussels, I wanted to see the place with my own eyes and went there.

Journalists from all over the world were there. I only saw one heavy armed soldier.

In these white, open tents, they had installed their different devices.

and then I saw "La Bourse" itself.

There were many posters hanging at the entrance

and all around on the walls inscriptions.

An ocean of flowers

cards, candles, 

photos of disappeared people and even empty beer cans as sign of the Belgians love for beer.



A lady lightening a candle

chalk texts and designs on the sidewalk and the walls

"Spray for Brussels" there were a lot of English texts

and the people who were hoping for the return of normal life and get some work to do !

It was a very emotional atmosphere.

For the tourist sector this terrible attacks are a catastrophe. Their income dropped about 80 %. Hopefully it will get back to normal soon.

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diane b said...

there are a lot of wonderful tributes and a feeling of sadness but determination to keep going and not let these scum of the earth destroy the Belgian's lives. Bravo Brussels. And now in Pakistan. Where next??

chai-and-chardonnay.blogspot.com said...

The world should be a safe place for us and our children. Paris, Ankara, Istanbul, Brussels, Lahore , will it never end?
Very emotional pictures, solidarity and sadness.

Sandra Carlier said...

Thanks for sharing with us about place de La Bourse. Just hope the normal way of life and peace comes back! The criminals can't breaks lifes of people like that !

Photo Cache said...

WE are united with the world in praying for everyone's safety and the victims and their families.

Worth a Thousand Words

Tamago said...

It's heartbreaking to see the photos of people disappeared due to the attack. It must take a long time, but I sure hope people there can resume their normal life as soon as possible.

Fun60 said...

It has been a terrible time for Belgium and now a massacre in Pakistan. Does no-one have respect for life anymore?

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Heartbreaking -- but like you I would have wanted to go there to see it. Wishing for peace in this poor old world, along with every other sane person in it.

Andrew said...

On our news the building was only described as the stock market building without a mention that it was now a museum and no longer a stock market. The flowers, candles and cards make it all appear very emotional.

Wandering Wren said...

Viva La Belgique indeed. Sadly we are getting used to these flower memorials around the world, they are so moving. I am sure it would have been very emotional for you. I did like the touch of the empty beer can which brought a smile to my face. So tragic, such a needless loss of life. My heart grieves.
Wren x

Betty said...

Yes, this is happening way too often. So sad.

Gracie said...

This is so sad....will humans ever learn?