28 Mar 2016


Four days after the terrorist attack, Brussels tried to get back to normal life and the traffic was much better. I had to go to the Anderlecht market, also a municipality involved in searches, to buy cigarettes for Mr. G. and I also wanted to find new spring feathers for me to cheer me up.

On my way towards Brussels, suddenly I saw firemen trucks and lots of police cars from far.

I thought that's really no chance I have to turn and drive back home. A suspicious parcel had been found and the whole area was blocked. Fortunately I could take another way and without further problems I safely arrived at the market.

There everything was normal. Lots of people as usual and all stalls. It was really nice to walk around on this market with a majority of Muslims. Everybody was so friendly and we chatted together about the last events and everybody was shocked.

And as I was already in Brussels, and "La Bourse" where people had left flowers, candles, peace notes, etc was not very far, I thought I have to go there and also pay my tribute to the victims.

The place looked very impressive. Much more than when I had seen it on TV. There were all TV channels from Europe and abroad under these white tents and journalists and cameramen where waiting for I don't know what. It was around noon, so there were not so many people. I walked around, read the messages, lots of them in English, but also other languages and took pictures. I would have loved to light a candle, but there were none to buy. So I returned home.

Sunday was quite sunny, but so windy that it was impossible to go for a walk. Instead Ilona and I went to an international Cat show close to where she lives.

We had a great time, speaking with the owners and talking to the cats. They were all very relaxed and real cool. The one who won was an American cat, I had never seen such a breed (right bottom) he was huge, like a baby tiger and had a fur like a sheep. He was sitting on a chair, was not even in a cage and sniffed at people and a glass of beer ! We all laughed. Apparently he lives outside and it was so warm that his owner had a ventilator with her. I had never seen so many different cat breeds in my whole life !


Andrew said...

Most of the cats in your photos look quite large.

Gattina said...

some of them were enormous ! like baby tigers !

Linens and Royals said...

I love cat shows. The cat bottom left looks a bit like Shibella. So many different breeds and the kittens are so expensive!!. I think cats, like people are becoming so much larger these days.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - Brussels is having a bad time ... and not easy for residents, or people who live nearby. Glad you got to the market, and then to the cat show ... cheers Hilary

Mara said...

I miss Miss Oswin now! But the cats do look lovely.

I travelled a day after the attack and everybody had said the security would be much tighter. Well, they do it behind closed doors then, because I didn't notice a thing!

Vanessa Morgan said...

I'm in Brussels, too. I stay at home as much as possible right now.
Happy Easter Monday!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I'm glad you are getting out and doing things to get your mind in a better place. (We can be 'street-smart' and careful, but still not afraid to LIVE! I think the terrorists would like for everybody to be scared stiff.)

Those cats are so amazing.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I never been to Cat show.
Coffee is on

Betty said...

I guess things are starting to return to a new normal. I'm sure the cat show was a nice diversion.