11 Jan 2016


January is a dull month. There is nothing going on and if you don't want to run around in Boutiques or more intellectually going into a museum, there is nothing interesting left. Fortunately I have my blogging. Sometimes we just need to get out of the house and that's what Nicole needed too.

So we went to the Carrefour's Lunch Garden together with Charlie. When Charlie is with us everybody talks to us and that's quite entertaining.

We had brought our tablets and were reading our emails and then looking for holiday propositions. Charlie lay bravely on the ground and waggled with his tail when people smiled at him. And while outside it rained and there was a lot of wind we first enjoyed our meal and then later coffee with a piece of delicious cake. Chatting with people brought us suddenly to 4 pm and Nicole almost missed an appointment. A group of young men admired first Charlie and then us, because they found it so nice that vintage ladies handled tablets and they complained that their grandmothers refused all "modern" stuff. We had a real nice conversation.

Sunday late afternoon I went with Nicole to the cinema. Last week we had missed the film we wanted to see because it was sold out. This time we bought the tickets immediately after our arrival and then wanted to eat a sandwich. As it was Sunday everything was closed in the Gallery even the cafés, restaurants and snacks ! I had never been in the gallery on a Sunday evening. It's just dead ! Usually it's full of people there are many boutiques and restaurant and other shops, but besides people like us there were only those who also went for the cinema. Finally outside we found a Sandwich in a café.

The film with the nice title "Le grand partage" (the big share) could have been real nice. The story was that the French government requisitioned big apartments in Paris and asked the inhabitants to share their home with the homeless as the winter was extremely cold. Of course this gave hilarious situations, but there was something missing. It was just a film where you laughed from time to time but it was close to ridiculous. The fine, tender humor was completely missing although all the ingredients were there. We were very disappointed.

We finished the evening with the drink in "La pomme" (the apple)

Last week I hadn't noticed these funny Christmas trees with real apples !


  1. you are such a busy lady! respect! Hope to have such days also!
    Herzlich Pippa

  2. I love Charlie who is a conversation piece. Lucky dogs are permitted where you eat. Sorry the movie was disappointing but the apples on the funny trees are cute. We vintage people need to keep up with the times. I'm glad I can handle most things : when I'm stuck, either Angus helps me remotely from his office (about 12km away) or Amanda comes over from next door. More and more I'm not needing them which is a good thing! Have a great week. Jo xx

  3. You are an excellent advert for our generation.

  4. Hi Gattina - that's great that the youngsters spoke with you and Nicole ... and getting out is essential and having a change of scenery ... cheers Hilary

  5. Sometimes a film sounds great on paper and then you find it's not nearly as good. Sorry to hear this was one of those!

  6. Vintage ladies - that made me smile. Charlie is a charmer and I can understand why everyone stops to speak to you when he is around.

  7. Yes -- and it gets dark too early in the evening in January; I hate that. (December too, but you have all the bright Christmas lights). We always take our IPADS when we go out to breakfast and have had several people say kind of the same thing to us.


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