14 Jan 2016


The weather is so bad that I only go out if I absolutely have too. It's windy and it's wet. On TV there is nothing except terrorist attacks and other violence. Why is there never something else then negative things ? Heart warming stories would be very welcome !

So what I do is besides some household scores, I read blogs and surf the internet a bit, and then together in the evening we watch TV but not the news !

It's warm and cozy and I think that I am very lucky.

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Jo said...

Ooh, it was looks warm and cozy when cats are lazing about. Sorry about the weather getting you down. I can only imagine! Here IF and when we have rain, the TV goes out and often my server's towers go out at the silos. Luckily I have Angus who notifies me of the Internet problem and always helps solve it! We haven't had anymore rainstorms but yesterday a violent dust storm chased us indoors. This morning I had to dust the whole patio while Rina swept up the leaves and Skabenga's muddy paw marks!

jennyfreckles said...

Cold, wet, windy here and I am working from home at the moment, so I can stay cosy. xx

Anonymous said...

kuschelig! P.

GranthamLynn said...

You are lucky and Blessed. My dog has been sleeping in the bed the last two nights. It much softer than the hard floor. She is getting older.
Thanks for sharing the sweet story.

Beth said...

Exactly what to do on a rainy evening!

Betty said...

There's nothing like snuggling up with a warm, purring cat.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I'm with you, Gattina. I think I'm very lucky, too. Hope you find something enjoyable to watch tonight.
The View from the Top of the Ladder

Susan Anderson said...

It does look warm and cozy over there. Home is a great comfort, isn't it? I often think how lucky I am to have one.


Anonymous said...

We can use more good news stories, that's for sure. Maybe that's why I like reading blogs so much. It's raining here, too. Looks like every kitty looks comfy!

Jenny said...

It's always wonderful to have a cozy spot to curl up through gray rainy days!

I'm glad you have one!

And seeing yours definitely warmed my heart.

Thank you for sharing.