12 Jan 2016


The Waterloo Lion was built in 1820 as a memorial to the battle of Waterloo.

This was the view on the Lion and the buildings around before the renovation for the bicentenary in 2015

and so it looks today

Before the renovations started, it was a friendly place with nice restaurants and cafés. That's what you saw when you arrived.

and in January 2016 it looks like this. No comment.

Until the end of the 60th there was even a tram running from Brussels to the Lion, which was a very much appreciated excursion for the Brussels inhabitants. Today there is a bus taking you near the Lion but most of the way you have to walk.

Even the little tourist train which took the tourists from Waterloo center to the Lion doesn't exist anymore. Now you have an old stinky bus who takes tourists from the Lion to the Hougoumont farm.

The Wellington café which was just under the lion had been demolished now in January. It was a very much loved place, where each afternoon at 3 pm people could meet and dance.

There was a hotel and even a casino. It was a place of joy and pleasure.

The hotel had been demolished before and for years this new built was the tourist center of the Waterloo Lion.

The other hotel on the opposite side was used as a souvenir shop and wax museum for years.

On the corner was a very cure restaurant where people met on Sundays, for drinks or even lunch.

The most beautiful restaurant was "Le Bivouac" where even the Prince and later King of Belgium gave his parties.

Today all this is replaced by this "white house" which contains a restaurant  which makes me think of a factory canteen.

The excuse for all these renovations is that the site should look like as it had been during the battle (except the killed soldiers) and become a big worldwide tourist attraction.

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  1. They seem to have destroyed its character.

  2. It is a real shame to destroy this historical place!

  3. Hi Gattina - interesting to see the changes - can't say it looks better though. Difficult to visualise properly ... not good by the look of it - cheers Hilary

  4. Oh no, why did they replace such historic buildings? One thing that impresses me is how CLEAN everything is. So neat and without litter.

  5. Well,that is just sad. To destroy all that gave the place individual character and people such pleasure.

  6. How sad, the original building had so much character. Thanks for sharing, great post and photos. Enjoy your week!

  7. Oh! I remember walking there.
    Sad pic now.

  8. wow, where did you take the first photo from, Gattina? such a view!

  9. ..and times, they ar changing! You set it in scene!

  10. Interesting to see how the buildings and scenery have changed over the years. It makes me sad to see buildings knocked down although I understand why some renovations need to happen.

  11. Oh no, it used to look so pretty. I don't know who comes up with these ideas to re-invent the wheel. If it isn't broken they shouldn't try to fix it.

  12. What a fabulously quirky place. A shame to demolish that building though, hopefully something equally quirky will go back there at some point.


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