9 Dec 2015


As usual we started our working day at the beach, laying in the sun. For the evening we were invited by the travel agency to a special supper together with all other Belgians in the Hotel. As it was in a special restaurant, we unfortunately agreed to come.

What a disaster ! They were about 30 all Flemish people, that in itself wasn't a catastrophe, but there were some they didn't speak any French or even English ! The one in front of me was very proud that he only spoke Flemish and told me the whole world should speak it ! I said I am sorry you write in Dutch, you speak in Flemish but even in the Netherlands nobody can understand your Flemish. His wife who spoke a little French and was not such a stubborn nationalist translated, he wasn't very happy but at least he shut up.

The food wasn't very good, they had tried to make it Belgian (what an idea !) and we prefer by far the food of the Hotel restaurants. We both had as much fun as on a funeral and the ambiance was nearly the same. No way to defreeze them they remained all silent and slurped there soup, swallowed the rest and then disappeared. We escaped to the dancing where a trumpeter was playing.

After that we had a Fakir show.

The fakir was a boy of the animation team and did an amazing job ! Some women couldn't even look when he lay down on the nail bed and the chosen people from the public climbed on him.

Then he walked on broken glass and also carried the girls and boys. Amazing.

He nailed with his head a nail in a plank just protected by a tissue and

then this big guy smashed the hammer on the brick and broke it in two ! If only Mr. G. could nail nails with his head into our walls ! He hasn't enough strength in his hands anymore.

He then took a sword leaned his chin on it and carried all these people !

After the show we were tired and went to bed. It is still very warm but in the mornings and evenings very cool. I even had to put the heating on in my room ! That's the first time that this happened to me in all these years I go to Egypt !

We are getting into Christmas mood, with the beautiful Christmas tree and there is more and more decoration. For the moment I hear "Rock around the Christmas tree" !


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

The Good, the Bad and not quite ugly ... no blood from the nails - interesting even if the Flemish chap wasn't brilliant .. cheers Hilary

Jo said...

OMW the dinner sounds disastrous! I'm glad you got to some better entertainment afterwards. I'm always fascinated by these people who can sleep on a bed of nails, stand on broken glass and have a brick hammered in half against their foreheads. Mmm. Enjoy the rest of your stay and DON'T go to anymore "Nationalities" dinners, LOL.

Wandering Wren said...

My, my what fun! I am glad you are experiencing a hot christmas and now you know how I feel, it's slightly not quite right but a load of fun, nevertheless!! I too have been like a dervish around your posts for fear of the internet cutting out, glad to see the tree is up and you are 'eating for England' at Breakfast, as we call it when we are staying in posh hotels! Now you have the taste for gorgeous pastries in the morning, you are in the land of fab croissants, and can continue back at home! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
Wren x