10 Dec 2015


The wife of the German couple which whom we often sit together, celebrated her birthday. Her husband had invited us, for coffee and cake. At 3 we met in the lounge and the waiters all sang "Happy Birthday" in Arabic ! and then in English !

They laughed and danced and it was really nice. The cake was offered by the hotel we found that really very nice.

We spent the evening in the cozy bar and listened to a young Russian female singer who also had a beautiful voice.

When I went down for breakfast I didn't see Nicole, but her bag on a chair, because there are 3 cats on it. I thought she was looking for her coffee and put my bag besides hers on the chair and also went for my coffee. When I came back, there was still no Nicole and her bag had disappeared. As there were a lot of newcomers yesterday I thought maybe somebody had taken it and put it on another chair as there was suddenly a woman who sat at this table.

I turned twice around the breakfast tables, still no Nicole. Suddenly looking out of the window I saw her walking to the beach. She had thought that I had overslept, hadn't seen my bag and prepared the beach beds. Having run around in circles, I was "exhausted" lay on my beach bed with a lunch interruption and left the beach at 3 pm. It's getting quickly dark, at four it's nearly night and then gets cool. For the first time in all these years I had to put the heating on !

"Bad weather" ! One little cloud in the sky !

At the entrance of each of the 3 restaurants there is now a little Christmas tree


  1. You're making the most of your break - good for you .. cheers Hilary

  2. Nice holiday and birthday wishes in Arabic.

  3. How sweet the hotel staff seem to make the German lady's birthday special! I laughed when I imagined how you ran around in circles looking for Nicole. Where did the cats disappear to when you returned and Nicole's bag was gone? The skies look like ours...

  4. Yes the evenings are getting cold here too - but that's about it.


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