8 Dec 2015


A show waited for us in the Arabian restaurant where we always eat in the evening. There were drummers and dancers, unfortunately my pictures didn't come out very nicely.

Nicole in the Christmassy decorated dining room

For the first time we went to the daily evening show in the hotel theatre and disco. The show was Egyptian folklore dances

a Dervish

and a belly dancer

At the end of the show, the public participated and some of them tried belly dancing ! What a laughter !

Nicole had had some bracelets made by this young Egyptian artist. I thought about Christmas and bought some things too. I watched him how he put one pearl or stone behind the other, taking the strings in his mouth, sometimes 3 at one time. I thought what a work, but he did it very quickly.

Today it was very hot in the sun and quite cool in the shade, we had to change place all the time. Some people did aqua gym in the water, others did it outside ! The fun was the same.

Tonight a Fakir show is on program and maybe that in the future we will sleep on nails !


  1. Well done .. it looks as though you're having fun .. cheers Hilary

  2. So happy you and your friend are having such a great time. Too bad for your friend Chantal, but as sad as it is, it wasn't unexpected and from now on she will have time for herself to relax a bit and recover from her loss.


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