7 Dec 2015


Yesterday evening after a delicious supper, we went again listening to the life music in the bar. The young woman who sang had such a beautiful voice that Nicole was convinced that the song was just a play back and she faked singing !

Finally I asked the barman and to the big surprise of Nicole the girl really sang ! Even Whitney Houston, Madonna and Abba !

Today we had a very nice day because the wind had slowed down. The animation team took the opportunity and did aqua gym in the sea instead of the swimming pool.

I only watched the young man did it very nicely and the people had a lot of fun !

On the beach this young man makes necklaces and bracelets with the material and colours you can choose. All jewellery which is on sale he had made himself. Nicole found some nice things to buy for friends and family.

Now I am sitting here again in the lounge on the second floor, there are 3 in total. The singers always perform on the third floor. Days are flying by so quickly ! Tonight we want to see an oriental dancing show, if .... we are not too tired !


peppylady (Dora) said...

Sound like your having a good time.

Coffee is on

Terra said...

This sounds like a happy vacation.

diane b said...

If you are not too tired from enjoying yourselves. Is that a fellow you found to dance with?