11 Dec 2015


It must be a boring job to be a weatherman in Egypt ! Every day sunshine and more or less the same temperatures, the only thing which changes is the wind !

This night it must have been very stormy because I saw this wooden umbrella laying there, although it is cemented in concrete !

We didn't go to any show the last two days because being so lazy is very tiring and we were so tired that we went into our rooms at 9 pm. Fortunately there was a movie on TV in German but in French there is only one channel talking about the miseries in the world. Not the ideal programme for holidays.

We had tried to watch a movie on YouTube, but with this zigzag internet it was always interrupted and finally we gave up ! Internet in the hotel is not strong enough for all these people now with their smart phones and tablets !

Nicole with her tablet and I with my laptop in the lounge

There is more and more Christmas decoration, and I just listen to the reindeer with the red nose !

The restaurant for lunch

at all steps stands this X-mas plant

Even the entrance to the beach has a garland !

Today we saw a lot of divers taking the ship

and English and German guests playing Boccia together. Both groups made an effort to understand each other and had a lot of fun. I listen to this conversations and had my fun too !


Terra said...

Sounds like a fun relaxing vacation. Your comment about weathermen in Egypt made me smile.

Jo said...

You're so privileged to understand and speak several European languages. So you had fun listening to those two groups! The wind must have been very strong to uproot that umbrella. I wonder whether the hotel will upgrade their Internet system in the future to accommodate increasing numbers of electronic gadgets we all carry with us and use even when on holiday! You and Nicole look rested and relaxed. Enjoy your last two days.

Linens and Royals said...

It must be exhausting having such an interesting and enjoyable holiday. Where else in the world would you have such entertainment including a man on a bed of nails?

Sandra Carlier said...

2 stars ! Nicole and you !