13 Dec 2014


Today we are flying home, our plane will leave at 3.45 pm. I will miss the hotel, the beach, the people and above all this wonderful sunny and warm weather !

Christmassy decoration even at the beach entrance,

Outside our breakfast restaurant, and my neighbor doing cross words the whole day

Watching the divers coming back, the people having massage and the beautiful view on Hurghada !

But all good things are coming to an end !

This evening I will be back in the cold weather and dark short days !

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Nonnie said...

aah, this "paradise" would be hard to leave! no sunshine here in Indiana, only an overcast sky.

Andrew said...

I am never sure if you feel better about cold weather after a holiday somewhere warm and you come back to winter or better if you just stayed home.

diane b said...

Brace yourself and keep your warm memories.