12 Dec 2014


I have no favorite fives this week, all days had been a favor as I am on holidays and made a little report every day in my posts below.

From N° 1 to N° 4, each day had been the same routine. As I wake up very early, around 6.30 am, usually the sun is already there and it's daylight while in Belgium it still would be dark night. Then I take the opportunity to go the lounge where I get internet. In the mornings it is easier because in the evenings connecting to internet is very slow, difficult, or sometimes even impossible, probably too many guests online.

Then I go beach bed hunting, and put our towels on the beds before they are all taken and then we have breakfast around 8.30 am. Once breakfast finished, we start our working day which means reading, chatting, swimming only interrupted by lunch time. At 4 pm the day is over and we leave the beach because the sun goes down and at 5 it's dark ! That's why it is better to get up early in Egypt !

Continental breakfast, with a huge choice of delicious different cookies and bread

Salades, cheese, ham

and for the British guests a real English breakfast

5. Today it was not really my friend Nicole's day. She literally fell into the restaurant by missing a step and landed on her knees ! Fortunately she wasn't hurt and could get up ! Of course everybody looked and tried not to laugh. That was not all, when she lined up for the lunch buffet, she didn't see the waiter behind the counter and banged the cover of the metal box filled with roasted chicken on his head ! We felt very sorry for him but still had to laugh out loud, once back at our table, just picturing the scene.

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diane b said...

The food looks delicious and you two girls are a worry demolishing the dining room.

Andrew said...

Buffet breakfasts can be very difficult, especially if your hands are not very steady like mine.

Fun60 said...

I love your daily timetable. Sounds absolutely perfect. I think I would have to laugh out loud at Nicole as well.

Susanne said...

Well it certainly sounds like you girls are just being worked to death! LOL. Enjoy every moment of your vacation!