15 Dec 2014


During the night of Friday to Saturday we had a strong storm and the wind howled terribly on the 7th floor ! When I went on our balcony, I found only one of Nicole's slippers, the other one had been blown away by the wind !

Looking down we saw it laying on a bush ! Nicole went down couldn't find the bush, went up again to the 7th floor to find out the exact location and finally managed to get her slipper back. Of course there were many spectators very amused when she shook the bush to get her slipper down.

The rest of the morning we spent at the beach, enjoying the sunshine, watching the cook asking the guests if they like the food (it was delicious) and the animation guy who called for "Belly Dancing" ! Then it was time to leave.

While waiting in the entrance hall I took this picture of a new Christmas decoration which was displayed in the hall. We did a whole tour through Hurghada and stopped at hotels where other guests waited to be picked up for the airport.

The airport too looked christmassy and people were rather sad to leave !

The 5 h flight went smooth and Mr. G. picked us up at the Brussels' airport. We felt very cold !

This was the view I had this morning when I opened the stores ! Depressing, compared to when I opened the curtains yesterday !

I finally emptied my suitcase and dressed reluctantly into thick winter clothes.

After lunch I gathered my courage and started the Christmas decoration. As usual each year Mr. G. doesn't remember where he had put all the stuff, so instead of preparing Christmas we first did an Easter egg hunting not looking for bunnies and eggs but for angels, stars, balls and fathers Christmas. Finally we found them in a suitcase even labelled "Christmas decoration" !


Andrew said...

You left before the belly dancing begun? You did not get to participate?

Mara said...

I know exactly what I did with my Christmas decorations, I just haven't found the will to put them up yet. But there is still more than a week to go.

Hope you are adjusting fine to the cold weather!

Jo said...

So sorry you had to leave the sunshine. I laughed at the slipper episode. I was just about to say to you, if you hadn't found your decorations, it's in a case marked "Christmas Decorations! " Were the cats glad to see you? Don't worry about Word Verification. Many of us have it, and didn't put it on. You just click on "publish" and ignore the code requested. Keep your self warm. Jo

betty-NZ said...

How fun to go looking for the shoe! Your other photos are so cheery and bright!

diane b said...

The slipper episode was funny. Nothing worse than opening the shutters to find a cold miserable day after having such nice sunny days.