19 Dec 2014


1. First thing Monday morning was calling my doctor because of my hand which had swollen to a balloon and hurt ! My cat Rosie for I don't know what reason had bitten me very hard. I got a tetanus shot and antibiotics and now have to wait ! Rosie got a slap and some shouting and showed bad conscience the next day !

2. Despite my swollen hurting hand, fortunately it is the left one, I started our Christmas decoration. A groaning Mr. G. carried two suitcases from the basement to the living room and we realized that we are not getting younger ! Of course in one suitcase was all stuff for the Christmas tree and nothing else ! I should put labels on them !

3. From year to year our Christmas tree shrunk, but this one is the smallest we ever had !

Christmas tree, son with a pram for his guinea pig

When our son was a little boy we used to have one from ground to ceiling.

And this year we have a mini one ! The reason is, we are going to Amsterdam for Christmas, but I couldn't live without a Christmas tree and a little decoration.

4. It took me two days to get the decoration up, because of my hurting hand but finally I managed !

on the tables

on the furniture

on the plants.

and in the entrance my season basket

I didn't even put my nose outside, it was so humid and wet and I didn't want to catch a cold. Fortunately I still profit from the sunshine I got in Egypt !

5. To end the year, we had a Christmas/New Year party in my painting class

We celebrated with Champagne and cakes and had a lot of fun.

After that, I went for lunch with a friend in one of the Waterloo shopping galleries, where I got a new title : I became "the wife of Mr. G." My friend know lots of shop and restaurant owners in this gallery and it is also the place where Mr. G. uses to go each morning for a cup of coffee and meet friends. Apparently he is so well known by everybody, so that they were curious to meet his "better half" as I go very seldom in this gallery. We had  Chinese lunch and when the restaurant owner heard that my "take away" was for Mr. G. he added another portion ! After a nice coffee we separated and I went home. I just made it before a strong wind and rain started !

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diane b said...

Sorry to hear about your sore hand. I hope it is improving. Your decorations look lovely. Mine get less and less every year due to "getting old". Sometimes less is better. Have a nice Christmas in Amsterdam.

Andrew said...

Rosie bit you because you went away for a week and left her. I bet staff and shop owners thought, that is not how I imagined Mr G's wife to be.

Anonymous said...

Your hand sounds painful! Hope it heals well and quickly.

I love the idea of having a little tree even if you're going away for Christmas. Your decorations are very festive!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. I certainly hope your hand improves ... those sorts of bites may be unintended, but certainly hurt .. glad you got the decorations up before you went off to Amsterdam and then at least you'll feel Christmassy .. cheers Hilary

Mara said...

Have a great time with your family in Amsterdam. Hope the hand is better before then!

carol l mckenna said...

Delightful post for the Season and great shots!

Happy Holidays,
artmusedog and carol

Loree said...

Have a great time in Amsterdam. I hit my hand on a door knob this week and it is a bit swollen too but at least I was not bitten.

Sandra Carlier said...

ha! Ha! I didn't know M. Gattino was a such celebrity at the gallery of Waterloo! You always learn something you didn't know about your better half!! Your mini christmas tree is very cute and the decoration are nice!