22 Dec 2014


On Saturday I bought the last Christmas gift, which was for Mr. G. I blessed the fact that I had done all my Christmas gift shopping before I went on holidays to Egypt ! Despite the so said "economical crisis" I have never seen so many people in the shops and cars on the streets ! The whole town was full and you had almost to kill somebody to get a parking space ! I had never seen that ! It took me twice the time I usually need to drive into the center ! Just mad ! On top of that it rained and it was very windy, a real joy to go shopping ! As I knew what to buy, I only went into the store to buy the gift and returned home immediately !

The rest of the day I spent with sending Christmas cards making labels for the gifts and did some phone calls to my school friends in Germany.

On Sunday morning, my friend Christiane and I went to the Brussels Midi Market just for a walk and maybe buy some more gifts if we would find something special. Christiane found some nice leggings and a shirt for her husband and I a nice pullover to wear for Christmas. I also bought some fruits. We had a coffee and then took the bus back to Waterloo, just in time before it started to ran again ! 

In the afternoon I started to wrap the Christmas gifts.

Before and after

An hour and a half later, it was finally done. My legs were stiff, my back ached, I felt very Chrismassy ! When I think that the paper will be torn off in seconds ! Mr.G. during this time soaked in a nice warm bath. He pretends he can't wrap gifts. Good excuse !

Now everything is done, I just have to put all this in a suitcase for our trip to Amsterdam where we will celebrate Christmas with son and family.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. well organised .. and efficiently done - back ache yes .. have a happy time with Toby and the rest of the Amsterdam family and your son! Cheers Hilary

diane b said...

Bill pretends he can't write Christmas cards or arp up presents or even buy them. Enjoy your Christmas wit Toby.

A Lady's Life said...

Now everyone will know what they r getting by reading your blog lol

Sandra Carlier said...

Lucky you are!!! I have still several gifts to find for christmas!!!