27 Oct 2014


What a busy weekend !

We finished the preparations for our exhibition and when everything was ready

a photographer from the newspaper "L'Avenir" (The future) came and took pictures.

and the article was published the next day !

Now the room was ready for the vernissage

The buffet looked very appetizing, and had a lot of success. Nothing was left !

People started to arrive. Mr. G. met our son's math's teacher, whom I hadn't seen since for more than 30 years  ! Micheline (our teacher) and I posed for a picture.

The vernissage was a full success, there were so many people and also some aldermen from the Waterloo city. At 8 pm I left, I was exhausted it had been a very long day !

Saturday and Sunday the exhibition was open from 11 am til 5pm. We were the guards, in the middle sits our administrator who will celebrate her 80th birthday on Thursday ! On the right the aldermen for culture showed up for once, all the other years he was there probably as a ghost, because we never saw him and he pretended that he had been there ! Politicians have to lie, otherwise they wouldn't be politicians ! Most of the people wrote a little note in our "golden book" appreciating our work.

There were again a lot of visitors

The people chatted and some of them hadn't seen each other in years. This masterpiece of a cat should demonstrate "anger", but everybody thought it was a Halloween cat.

Finally on Sunday the exhibition was over, I was the guard for the last time together with our teacher on my left and Christiane on my right. Ilona came with her mother who is still fit like a fish in the water despite her 90 years !

All in all it had been a very nice exhibition, but now I need some rest !


Linens and Royals said...

What a huge exhibition. I still like your style of painting and colours the best. Cats always look good. The food looks delicious.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - well done ... a tiring, but such a satisfying time being had by all. Some of the works look amazing.. and actually Halloween cat is rather good ...

Food too - and Aldermen! or one man!!

Congratulations and have a more peaceful week .. cheers Hilary

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

You are a busy person, and your photos are bursting with color!

Fun60 said...

You must be exhausted. Your exhibition looked so busy and once again you are famous.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It looks beautiful ... the artwork and the food. How fun to get credit and appreciation for your beautiful work.

I love that one gal knitting away whilst she is doing guard duty. That's an overachiever!