31 Oct 2014


1. After my rather hectic weekend with our exhibition, I decided to rest and and shared my time between computer and TV

A lady who had visited our exhibition had asked me if I could paint her cats. I told her that it was ages that I hadn't painted a real cat portrait but I could do a composition of her cats on a photo. I showed her what I had done for "Feline Art" and she was enthusiastic ! She ordered a photo composition and that's what I did on Monday. Now I have to see if she likes the result.

2. For one day the weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and Nicole and I decided to go to the Waterloo battle field and inspect the ongoing works of the Hougoumont farm which once had been the headquarters of Wellington.

Compared to the last time I had visited this farm, the works had progressed a lot  ! They have to hurry up if they want to be ready for the 200th anniversary celebration of the Waterloo battle in June next year.

3. Nicole's dog Charlie discovered the battle field now occupied by cows and ran around !

Good for him, but not for us, he found a nice place full of mud in which he rolled happily !

It was impossible to put him in my car in this state. The workers on the site were laughing their heads off ! I asked one if he didn't have a hose, he said yes and kindly washed  poor Charlie until all the mud was gone ! I put a plastic bag on the back seat and a towel and drove with a wet Charlie home !

4. The next day it was raining but I badly needed to go out for my weekly shopping !

I was horrified when I saw that the shops had already put their Christmas decoration on display ! It seems to me that each year they are earlier, soon they will start at Easter !

5. In order to preserve my vintage beauty, I went to my favourite Indian shop to buy some cream.

It is such a beautiful place, I could spend hours in there. It doesn't look like a store at all but rather like a private house. All sales benefits go to Indian street children and orphanages.

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Jo said...

You're lucky Charley didn't roll in something smelly! Wow, you are FAMOUS And you Feline art is good. I'm off to SA today and will connect again on Sunday. Have a great weekend. Jo

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. love the cats and I'm sure your friend will too; the farm I suspect they'll make it (just)! Glad they had a hose for Charlie .. Christmas what's that ... we need to blow up Parliament first: Guy Fawkes Day .. and then your Indian shop - that's great they support those back home ..

Cheers and happy Halloween weekend - Hilary

Faith said...

what a fun list of faves! I would love to explore that Indian shop...and yay for them and the benefits for poor children.....enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

I hope your friend likes the cat photo art!

It is terrible how much earlier stores put out Christmas things each year.

Poor doggie! I am glad you were able to get him clean before you had to go.

Susanne said...

That India shop looks so colorful. It would be fun browsing in there! There is a certain store here that has had Christmas items out for a few weeks already. It's crazy.

Unknown said...

The cat photos are beautiful and I'm sure the lady will love then,

Oh naughty Charlie! Just as well it was just mud and not a cow pat! Yuk.

That Indian shop looks fascinating and how nice that they use the funds for a good cause.

I hope you and Mr G are both well.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I am sure she will like that composition! Poor Charlie ... All that work collecting that nice smelly mud and then you washed it right off!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

yes, shops do start their decorations early. Drums up the spirit and get to to buy early.

Mara said...

Be happy it was only mud! Otherwise you would have a very stinky dog in your car!

Willow said...

Those workers were very nice even after laughing at Charlie. I assume Charlie loved all that 'attention'.

Christmas in stores already??

The cat photos look great. Good job!

Sandra Carlier said...

Here too, Christmas decorations are already everywhere! So much I won't be able to buy any decoration because too much is like too little! I won't be abble to support all that because my little pupils will be very excited when everywhere they see christmas!