15 Sep 2014


I had been 4 times at the midi market to find my cigarette dealer salesman, especially for Mr. G who that's for sure will never give up ! Health or not health. Of course he didn't show up. That never happened so far, but he had told me that he would go back to Africa for holidays. Maybe he stayed there. The English couple I often meet on the market told me that I should try the market of Anderlecht, a Brussels municipality. I had heard of this market, which is hold in the ancient abattoir of Brussels. I had never put my feet there because there were horses, donkeys, cats and dogs on sale often in very bad shape. I feared I would make a scandal. But since several years the sale of animals on markets is not allowed anymore and I they had told me that the market was now very nice and family friendly.

And indeed it was ! To my surprise I even found a parking space nearly at the entrance of the hall. Everything was sold there, just like at the midi market and as I had my caddie with me I bought kilos of  apples, peaches and grapes for less than half price I would have paid in Waterloo !  But first I had to take some money in the "hole of the wall" as say they in England, an expression I really love, sounds much better than a cash point.

Then I intended to look for cigarettes. I had no time to put the money in my wallet when a young guy asked me if I wanted cigarettes ! I was so surprised I thought I had to look for a cigarette seller like a needle in a heystack ! I bought my cigarettes and made a few steps when another guy asked "cigarettes" ? and it went on and on at least 5 men stopped me for that ! It would take a whole army of policemen to arrest them all. So they close their eyes, I even haven't seen any. No wonder that people go there to buy their cigarettes for half price and probable the police too !

It was a beautiful sunny day and I walked around and took pictures. This market and its history is so interesting that I will write a special post about it.

This weekend lots of festivities in and around Brussels took place ! I went with Ilona to the nearest one in the next little town where a horse festival took place.

We had a drink with people Ilona knew (picture left below) and I watched the shows and walked around the stalls. Mostly food and animal shelters stands, collecting money for abandoned cats and dogs. Ilona's friends had a stand there for the rescue of mistreated Spanish racing Greyhounds. These dogs arrive in Belgium half dead, are treated and then they try to find a good home for them. It is a real shame that there are no laws or very poor once in Spain for animal protection. (remember the bull fights). If there was no pressure from the other European countries it still would go on.

After having walked around the park I returned home, while Ilona preferred to stay a little longer.

Unfortunately when the sun is shining the weeds grow too and I had the unpleasant duty to pull them out, but not for very long I quickly got fed up and throw chlorid and salt over the gravel, which usually is very efficient and makes them disappear. Anyway autumn is near and I have to pull out all flowers and plants of the pots and by then the weeds are probably gone.  Gardening is really not my favorite occupation !


Andrew said...

I really hope Europe does keep a lot of pressure on the countries where animal welfare is not good. It should be condition of entry to the EU.

Sandra Carlier said...

Incredible cigarettes are like a treasure running! You got the graal! HiHi!
Poor dogs! Our president didn't want to change the juridical protect of animals! But for sure if he did that perhaps their life could be better!