12 Sept 2014


1. My leg seams to be healed and I decided to go to my aqua gym. It was nice to see my class again and we had a lot to chat about our holidays.

2. I had met an English couple at the Brussels Midi Market who had told me that a new restaurant had opened in Waterloo ! A typical English one : Fish & Chips !

Dominique and I tried it out, we were greeted by the Queen and were observed by the Beatles ! The fish was very good, but the chips too soft it didn't taste like England ! I told the guy a young man from Manchester that he should improve his chips, he couldn't pretend that they were OK when I told him that I had made a tour around the UK and had eaten Fish & Chips a little everywhere.

3. It seems that autumn is moving in slowly, but it was still enough warm to take a sunbath in Ilona's garden, where we enjoyed the sunshine.

4. My neighbor's granddaughter will spend 6 months in Swansea in the UK with the Erasmus Programme (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) It is a European Union (EU) student exchange programme established in 1987. Erasmus+, or Erasmus Plus, is the new programme combining all the EU's current schemes for education, training, youth and sport.

The Erasmus logo

I think this is a great idea and allows students of all European countries and speaking all different languages are being able to know each other better ! She also will improve her English at the same time. Her mother came over to ask me to book the train and bus tickets for her, because she had difficulties with the English language. I did it for her and she was happy and the daughter too !

5.We are still without teacher in our painting class, the one we had died suddenly from a generalized cancer during the summer holidays. It was so sudden that we still can't believe it. The new one should have started today, we know her all she was a classmate, but she didn't show up. It doesn't bother me being without teacher and I don't need one anymore I just paint for fun. I started a new painting and hope it will be finished for our exhibition end October.

Our 16 year old cat Pookie can't jump anymore on the sink from where she used to drink running water from the tap. I have to lift her up so that she can drink.

A blogfriend suggested that I buy a cat fountain, I had never seen one. I googled and found this model, so I ordered it right away in the hope that she will leave us in peace ! Cats can be so stubborn !

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Jo said...

I never realized that Pookie is that old already. Poor little thing! Glad you found a cat fountain for her. Good that you pointed out proper crispy chips are the real (UK) deal! Sad that you lost your painting teaching in the summer holidays. You could be the teacher? You are so good with travel arrangements that you could start your own agency! Have a great weekend. Jo

diane b said...

Poor Pookie getting old like me. You are a handy neighbour to have with all your languages and travel experience. Nothing worse than soggy chips.

Fun60 said...

I've never heard of a cat fountain but Pookie seems to be enjoying her new access to fresh water. Soggy chips just will not do and he comes from Manchester - where I think the best fish and chips come from!

Andrew said...

Don't listen to Fun60 in praise of Manchester fish and chips. She is very biased. I think you did well to understand someone from Manchester. Is there an Australian place in Brussels? We can buy Belgian waffles.

Linens and Royals said...

I have that Queen displayed in the Fish and Chip shop, her handbag is a solar cell and when the sun shines she waves all day. Hope there is enough sun in Waterloo so HRH can wave all day as she does here. Never mind the soggy chips just go and watch the Queen wave.
I think Pookie will love that fountain.

A Lady's Life said...

I am glad your leg is better and sorry to hear about your teacher and Pooky.

My old Tanya can still jump but the new pup hasn't tried.
She doesn't know how.lol
Looking forward to seeing your knew picture.

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of a cat drinking fountain! Hope it works well for Pookie.

I have not had fish and chips in years but it sounds so good.

It's not feeling like autumn here, either, and probably won't for a few weeks yet.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

One thing about getting behind on blog reading is that here I read the good news first -- that your leg is better (when I had missed the post about your fall).... I scrolled back and read your progress, which reading went a lot faster than I'm sure it felt when you were actually living those recovery days.

Glad you're better --- don't fall down any more.

(I don't think we are told not to smile in our DL pictures, but mine still looks awful. They always do.)

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

I don't think the Queen would approve of those chips. Nice to hear that you leg is getting better, and good luck with your latest painting!Thanks for visiting my blog.

Susanne said...

We lift our old kitty up a lot of times too as her jump mechanism is wearing out too! Looks like your cats are making good use of the fountain.

Sorry to hear of your painting instructor. It's nice that you are at a place in your painting where you can just go ahead on your own and it brings you joy.

Willow said...

A cat fountain! I had never heard of one. You have a lucky kitty.

I hope your autumn progresses slowly so you can enjoy more wonderful times in the garden.

Imagine being greeted by the queen :)

Sandra Carlier said...

Nice you will have a fountain for pookie! I had one at the old house for my cats but it staid there for the siamoise cat Mistic who staid by my sister! Like joe I find you could be the teacher as you are a pro now and you could make everyone is happy and enjoy the good atmosphere at the painting school!

Anonymous said...

The cat fountain looks like a great idea--hopefully the cat will agree.