8 Sept 2014


As I still not dare to walk too much with my twisted leg, but wanted to go out and take some pictures before I went gaga,  I drove to Brussels where a Cartoon Festival took place !

I just arrived in time when the parade was prepared, and the huge cartoon figures were slightly moving in the wind. I was lucky the road in front of the Royal Palace wasn't closed yet for the traffic so I could drive slowly along the palace and take pictures of the Parade preparations. I didn't even have to get out of the car, which suited me very well when I saw the amount of people gathering there and walking in a crowd is quite tiring !

As it was still early when I had finished, I continued a little sightseeing trip through Brussels and saw some interesting buildings I had never seen before.

A rather funny decorated Pub

and the Brigittine's church, on which I have to investigate a little more, as it looked rather abandoned.

Then I drove home and worked on my Cartoon Parade pictures for a future post.

Nicole had finally taken the decision (after two years of hesitating) to buy a tablet as she realized that more and more vintage ladies have one and can deal with them although they are afraid of computers.

So she arrived Sunday afternoon with her new Asus tablet and I did the settings. I was quite proud of myself because my own Kindle tablet had been set up by my son and the settings are different.

We even managed a "selfie" !

My cats were not so delighted about her  visit,  because dog Charlie came too. The first thing he did was to empty all the cat bowls and then looked for Rosie's toy mice. But they were too small and disappeared in his big mouth, and he lost all interest quickly.

He then settled down for a nap and refused the cigarette I offered him. He is a non smoker. After he was gone, my cats appeared again, only Arthur hadn't been impressed by his presence and had continued his nap on my bed.

I hope she will get used to her tablet, at first it sounded so complicated to her !


Andrew said...

Let us know about the church. It is an interesting looking building. My already scheduled post for tomorrow is about a Belgian cartoon figure.

Jo said...

I also look forward to reading about the church later on. Interesting cartoon characters. I'm still not sure what a tablet is? I only have a Kindle (for reading) my ultrabook laptop and my Smart Phone. Love that Charlie comes to visit. Have a great week. Jo

diane b said...

Charlie is lovely and he knows that smoking is unhealthy. The cartoon festival looks like fun. Well done setting up the Tablet. I'm still learning mine. So much to learn in technology and so little brain power left.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. looks a fun drive around - but sorry about your leg not healing up yet ..or taking longer than necessary!

Glad Nicole has her tablet ... and lovely to have Charlie to visit too ..the selfie is fun .. cheers Hilary

Linens and Royals said...

Hope your twisted leg is better soon but it doesn't seem to stop you getting out and about and exploring.
Well done Charlie for refusing that cigarette.

Gracie said...

Hope you will recover completely soon! Best wishes from Italy.

MaR said...

So sorry about your twisted leg, get well soon! trying to catch up before the next guests arrive, it's been a busy summer. Only I haven't had time for blogging.

Mara said...

When I lived in Brussels years ago, I loved all the metro stations, especially the one at the end of my line (to St Steven Woluwé, I think) which had Tin Tin with all his friends in a long line along the wall of the station.

Loree said...

Charlie and Arthur always make me smile. That Arthur is quite a character. Some cats are so full of it. :)