16 Sep 2014


There was a horse festival in Braine l'Alleud, a little town near Brussels. It takes place each year, but I have never been there, it's only a few years ago that I am not afraid of horses anymore !

Around the Chateau Cheneau, was the festival. I think "Chateau" which means castle is a big word for this more like a manor looking building. It had been built by a apparently rather wealthy notary and was sold in 1978 to the Braine l'Alleud city.

The entrance to the park

Because of the beautiful weather

there were a lot of people

The yellow beer tent was already full and there were also several food stands, cheese,  sausages and cakes .

Many stands also represented animal shelters collecting money and of course there was a playground for children.

When I noticed this cute mini horse, I first thought it was a huge dog ! Probably it had been the "horse" of the girls when they were little.

Small children could ride on small horses and had a lot of fun.

Later on was a show with riders in different costumes.

The horses were all very beautiful

This one should jump, but refused in the last minute

I watched the different shows, the riders on the white horses faked a "bull fighting".

Carriages were also present

After the shows I left and went home.

more participants here


Jo said...

A much as I love all living creatures: including snakes,spiders, beetles, I am petrified of horses! But do admire them. What an interesting show. And I'm glad you had such beautiful weather. Have a great day. Jo

diane b said...

Lots of different kinds of horses. I bet the children loved riding the little horses. I would have liked the horse riding shows.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. looks like a lovely time was had by all - gorgeous setting ... and fantastic you can get there easily and enjoy the walk around .. cheers Hilary

Jim said...

Wonderful shots.

Amy said...

I'm scared of horses, bad experience as a teenager but my daughter loves them, I showed her your photos :-)

Rajesh said...

Superb shots of interesting event.

Fun60 said...

That small horse would be the one for me.

Linens and Royals said...

I love horses but only from a distance. The ones I really love are parading down The mall in London with the Queen nearby.
I do love the setting for your horse show.

Gracie said...

I love horses even if I never tried to ride one, they are too tall for me....

Loree said...

Beautiful horses. Those little ones are cute.

Ruth Kelly said...

What a fun time! My daughter used to jump horses and one time, went to a horse show with all mini horses.

Anonymous said...

Sweet shots - love that mini horse!