19 Sep 2014


1. During aqua gym while we were hopping around in the pool, we complained that more and more things are falling into pieces or are not working anymore. So we had no light in one shower, the ventilation had broken down, the shower tube had a hole etc. But the worst thing was the banister at the pool, and what had to happen happened, when the first one wanted to get out of the water it broke and she fell back and the thing dropped with a loud bang on the tiles. The poor "girl" got a shock, and we had some difficulties to get her out with only one handrail still standing as she was rather round and heavy and stiff like a broom. Finally we managed pulling and pushing which caused a lot of laughter !

2. I had to drive Mr. G. to a specialized hospital for a pet scan. He had lost a lot of weight and his doctor wanted to have him checked to see if there was something wrong. I dropped him off and left, as the whole procedure lasted more than 2 h.

3. As I was not far from Brussels' most posh area, the Ave. Louise, I thought I will go there, I hadn't been there since at least 30 years !

Except the Gallery I didn't recognize anything. The whole area had changed. There were now pedestrian areas and little streets with one restaurant besides the other ! It was packed with people and as it was so warm, they all had their lunch outside. I had two wraps there, walked a little around and then returned to pick up Mr. G.

4. My son with wife and grandson was on his way back home from Southern France, where they had spent a week of holidays. He called and told us that he would stop to say hello.

Toby's first action was asking for his toys which were in our guest room. Mr. G. helped him to carry up the box. Of course when you haven't seen something for a long time it looks like new. So he was very busy to play with all the little cars and airplanes.

Nonno and Nonna played a bit too !

Finally they decided to stay for supper. Fortunately I had pizzas and a plate of pasta for Toby in the freezer ! It was so unusually warm for mid-September that we could sit outside until they left for Amsterdam around 7 pm. I hadn't seen Toby since July and he had changed again. He had grown and speaks a lot in Dutch, which we have difficulties to understand, but he also makes an effort to say some words in French. Besides speaking French with his father, i.e the father speaks and the son replies in Dutch, he hasn't much opportunity to learn speaking French.

But language is not a barrier or at least shouldn't be, and he ate his watermelon with pleasure !

5. We have our new teacher in my painting class, I know her very well, she was in our class 2 years ago. She is actually very good and suits us perfectly.

I finished my last painting and have to look for inspiration for a new one !

Mr. G. got the results of his pet scan and was pleased that he has nothing ! 

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Andrew said...

The weather does look very good.

I like the painting.

A Lady's Life said...

Men are like that They don't eat My husband is terrible when it comes to eating .

Anonymous said...

So glad Mr. G's pet scan had good results! Our pastor's recent bout with cancer began with unexplained weight loss, so that was my first thought with Mr. G., but I am so glad that is not the case!

Such fun to see grandchildren! I am amazed you can squat down like that! I'd land on my bottom if I tried it.

Glad your new instructor is working out well!

Kathie said...

What a lovely visit with your son and family. Your little grandson is getting quite big!

Good news about Mr G.

Love your painting. I've been playing with watercolour pencils lately. Fun!

Faith said...

Good news about your husband!! THank God he is ok.....my first thought was cancer, too. Your grandson is a cutie! And how fun to have the visit. ENjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful Mr. G got a good report! Isn't amazing how much an area can change when one hasn't been there in awhile. Watermelon is always a hit. Glad you had some family time, too.

Linens and Royals said...

Toby looks so happy to see all his toys again.
Good news for Mr. G
Love the blue cat painting, who else but cats would give such inspiration.

diane b said...

Toby is so cute. I guess its understandable about him wanting to speak Dutch. Our two speak English but with an American accent. Glad Mr G is okay.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. had problems commenting - but it's worked today. Hope Mr G will be ok .. and he obviously apparently is alright - thank goodness for that.

Toby is growing, growing! Lovely to see him enjoying life with Grandpa and Grandma .. cheers Hilary

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I hope all will be well with Mr. G!

And how nice to have warm weather here in mid September, especially with your family visiting. Lovely lovely photos, too, Gattina.

Robyn Lee said...

My, hasn't Toby grown! I love your painting of the cat...especially the colour!

I'm glad Mr G is okay, too.

Karen said...

Your grandson is a handsome boy. Glad the report from the doctor was good.

A good thing your classmate wasn't hurt and that you could all laugh. I can just picture you all helping her. It is a funny thought.

Mary said...

So glad your husband's scan turned out okay.
Oh, to be so close to Brussels that you can just wander around! :)

Susanne said...

Good news the scan was clear. Sweet pics of your grandson. It has been unusually hot here this last week too.

Willow said...

The best news is that the pet scan came back 'OK'.
Even a short visit with a grandson is excellent!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

OH glad the scan news was good. A nice visit with Toby (and parents) and (in my opinion) just about the right length of time. He is a sweetie though.