22 Sep 2014


I hadn't been feeling well during the week but thanks to a medicament I had bought in the UK  because I couldn't find here, I felt almost normal on Saturday.

Poor Nicole had troubles with her Asus tablet, she couldn't use it at all without a password, but she had never put a password in at least not intentionally. The homepage with all the little tiles had disappeared there was only the date an hour on the screen. Of course there was nothing about that on the miles long notice and in short there was nothing to do. On top of that she had no internet connection on her computer so I couldn't even google to find an answer.

So we bitched about that stupid useless thing, put it aside and chatted enjoying the last sunshine.

Mr. G. had asked for a bone on the market and got a nice one, and when I arrived Charlie, almost ran me over took the bone and settled in a corner and was so happy with that bone, which disappeared in no time !

On Sunday I woke up and it rained ! The fact that I couldn't get into Nicole's tablet had tickled my ambition the whole morning, I told myself I have to find a solution. Meanwhile Nicole had returned to the shop where she had bought her tablet and they told her that she has to leave it there for a technician and that the repair would cost 40 € (51 $) ! That was one reason more for me to try it myself. Her internet connection was working again and I found an explanation on YouTube how to reset the whole thing and start all over again. I am more a visual person, and don't like to read notices. So I followed the video step by step, it was in Japanese fortunately subtitled in English and slowly slowly I made it and suddenly all tiles came back and the tablet looked again how it should look. Nicole was happy and me too, I thought now nobody can say anymore that vintage ladies are stupid when it comes to tablets and computers ! On top I had saved her 40 € and she could use the tablet right away again. When she clicked on the email tile and saw her emails immediately, she couldn't believe it and called her daughter to tell her that I was better than the technician in that shop.

When everything was set up we spent the rest of the afternoon making plans for holidays next year, which was a nice occupation, when it rains outside !

I also got a Skype call from my friends in Eastbourne, who have troubles with their house, water filtered in everywhere and they have to move out for 6 months until the house is completely repaired and dried out ! Fortunately the insurance pays everything ! They will come visiting us now in October and we are all looking forward to spend a few days together.


Fun60 said...

Such computer skills should not go unrewarded. Another holiday calls!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. glad you sorted out Nicole's machine .. well done. More holidays - why not!

Oh dear poor A and D ... re their house and that will be very inconvenient for them - just so glad they're insured and that you will be seeing them

Cheers Hilary

Linens and Royals said...

Good to see you enjoying that juicy bone Charlie.
I'm amazed at your talent with the Tablet.
Where did all the water come from in the Eastbourne house?

Andrew said...

Techie Guru Gattina. I am impressed.

diane b said...

You are a techno whizz. I bet Nicole was so happy with you. I still get frustrated with my iPad as I don't find it as easy as my laptop. But I take it on holidays and leave the laptop at home so that it makes me learn the iPad. Planning holidays is good fun.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Charlie does look happy. I'll soon be back doing the photo hunt. I won't be playing this weekend but the first Saturday in Oct I shall return.

Coffee is on

A Lady's Life said...

Congrats on becoming a professional computer tech lol
I see Charlie knows a good thing when he sees it. lol

Loree said...

Rain ... what's that? We haven't seen it for over 5 months and now the heat is getting a bit too much. it's hotter now than it was in July! Everywhere is dry and dusty :(

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! Charlie looks quite delighted with his treat. Mr G is a good man! Congrats on fixing Nicole's tablet, I'm proud of you and what you've done for the ladies of our generation.