20 Mar 2014


Letter : R

Usually I never have breakfast because I am not hungry in the mornings. But on holidays I am hungry !

I had seen delicious pancakes and asked the cook to make me one, which he did. I put some brown sugar on it and it was delicious !

Then I started my working day, by laying at the swimming pool. I have a little friend, which kept me company, it's a cute cat, unfortunately his tail is bitten off and he has an almost healed wound on his back. But he is so affectionate and can't get enough strokes.

I watched a bit the dart game, but didn't participate. I have done it once, I just closed my eyes and throw the arrow without knowing any rules and .... I won ! Perhaps I should give it a try.

As the outside pool is rather cold I went to the inside pool again and swam around for an hour and did my aqua gym. Two French ladies joined in and I played the teacher !

I also settled a fight between a French and a German man, the German had jumped into the water like an elephant and had splashed  the French who was furious and treated him as peasant while the other laughed and made fun of the French. Wrong translations are sometimes good, I didn't translate the insults but pretended that the German was sorry and he wouldn't do it again. The French was satisfied. But I told the German not to jump into the water and splash around. I said that I have a very expensive ebook reader and that it is not waterproofed and if it's damaged he has to pay me a new one. That calmed him down and peace was again around the swimming pool.

I learned something new ! I didn't know that you can wash oriental carpets and just let them dry in the sunshine ! They were beautiful.

Not everybody is enjoying holidays, the cleaning women are carrying the dirty laundry to be washed.

They were loaded like mules ! In Egypt only men take care of the room cleaning here are women working.

I took some pictures of my room, the tiles in the bathroom are gorgeous and around the mirrors and picture frames too. I haven't used my little balcony yet, it's funnier to watch people at the pool !

Jenny Matlock


Andrew said...

Men do the cleaning of rooms. Maybe it is because they don't want women cleaning men's rooms.

Fun60 said...

You should be working for the United Nations with your diplomatic skills.

Anna-Karin Eriksson said...

Looks like a very nice place for a holiday!

carol l mckenna said...

Glorious holiday photos and so glad you are having a great time ~ Great post for R ~ xxx

artmusedog and carol
(A Creative Harbor)

fredamans said...

Looks like a relaxing time!

Ferroviphile said...

Ha!Ha! imagine you teaching aquagym and coaching the other!!! Finaly you could be the best gentil organisateur at the complex hostel! And luckely you were a very good mediator between the the french and the german !!! I dream I can spring with you in this beautiful swimmingpool better than going to school!!!! The decoration of the bathroom is beautiful! How did they watch the oriental carpets? In water with soap? I ask that to you cause we have an old one and we would want to wash it!

Ferroviphile said...

Mince alors Pierre était encore connecté sur goggle! Ferroviphile, c'est encore moi claudie!

Mara said...

Ooooh, that is a beautiful cat. Of course. He is red!

Jenny said...


How lucky I am that one of the R's I read today was yours!

I felt like I was on this vacation with you!

Someday I shall try crepes, too. I've always been intriqued by them.

I'm glad to see your lovely smiling face!

Thanks for linking.


jennyfreckles said...

Your peace making skills are much needed in the world. What's your Russian/Ukrainian like?

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I agree with jennyfreckles - we need you to go and make peace...

storybeader said...

the peacemaker! Good for you. Hope you (and your ebook) enjoy the rest of your trip! {:-Deb

Linens and Royals said...

I love the colourful tiles. imagine if 'Homes Under the Hammer' saw them. The tiles would be ripped off and replaced with boring white tiles.
The Ginger cat is really making himself at home on those chairs.
Pancakes with brown sugar-delicious, pass them over please.

diane b said...

So now you are a fight referee too to add to the list of jobs you do on holidays.

Anonymous said...

How clever to stop the argument by your translations! Love your cute kitty friend.