18 Mar 2014


My world is for the moment in Tunisia precisely on the island of Djerba where I will stay for a week.
There is nothing to see around here and as I have done a roundtrip through Tunisia  ( Travel Blog ) two years ago, I have no intention to visit anything and just rest !

After a good breakfast, in the nicely decorated dining room, I took a picture of the ceiling which is like a dome. On the tables were these beautiful flowers I think it's a hibiscus flower.

As it was just after 9 am and still quite chilly I walked around to discover the Hotel. Nobody but the employes were around.

I  also discovered this very nice indoor pool close to my room and decided to go there later, which I did. I was all alone in this huge swimming pool and the water and inside it was deliciously warm. Actually some birds thought the same and one had built a nest on the heating tube. Looked rather funny.

Just before lunch I went over to the beach.

There had been a storm last week and the beach was full of algas and other strange looking water plants.

It really didn't look very inviting to swim in there, and I decided to not go back here but rather stay at the swimming pool and swim in the heated pool.

There was one woman sitting there who was very angry and complained to me, as if I could change anything I suggested she should sit elsewhere in her hotel and forget about the dirty beach, but she stayed. Probably to complain to every person showing up.

The rest of the day I spent in the sun at the swimming pool and read a book with my Kindle. Suddenly I heard the Skype sound, it was Mr. G. to say hello ! I was so surprised ! So far it had never happened that the book I was reading started to ring !

 In the mornings and evenings it's really chilly and in the rooms the heating is on. But during the day the weather is warm enough for a bathing suit.


Linens and Royals said...

The food looks delicious and is the ceiling dome made of tiles?
You must find out what type of bird has built a nest in the swimming pool area.. Tomorrow all that mess on the beach might go out with the tide so the complaining woman might be happy.
A kindle that rings and turns into a phone? scary!

Marcy said...

Enjoy your quiet holiday! time to rest and relax, wonderful.

Mara said...

That swimming pool looks lovely!
I wouldn't have said to that complaining woman that she should go elsewhere. Next thing you know is she will be showing up where you are enjoying yourself in peace and quiet and start moaning and complaining about something else! No more peace and quiet then!!!

Fun60 said...

It looks an ideal place to rest and enjoy some well needed sun shine. Sometimes it's good to know you don't have to visit the 'sites' and can have a guilt free rest. Enjoy your week.

diane b said...

The pool sure looks the better option. have a good rest. Although I can't see you sitting around doing nothing for long.

Lady Lilith said...

Looks nice. Sometimes it is good to just sit back and relax.