19 Mar 2014


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This is supposed to be a cat


Today is the second day of my holidays in Tunisia. The weather was even warmer today, and I had a lot of work !! The whole day laying at the swimming pool is very tiring ! At least there are the interruptions when I have to join the herd to be fed. The food is western food unfortunately not Tunisian or North African. It's good but nothing special. Probably people want always to eat what they know and not like me, I like to try out food I don't know, except maybe grilled worms or bugs. But there is a big choice of vegetables and so far it was always good for me. Some people always have to complain, otherwise they are not happy.

Mornings, afternoons and evenings we have an animation team who try very hard to entertain the few people. Most of us are vintage people or even old vintage, very few middle aged and then some young people. It's out of season and the hotel is probably not even half full.

This is my blogging space ! Very special, it looks like a room where water pipes are smoked, but it's just a room to sit down and chat and people are sitting here with computers or tablets. Yesterday evening I was all alone because the others were or in their rooms or watched the show, I had a look, the music was so loud that I would have needed earplugs, so I decided to watch a "Frost" movie with my headset on my Kindle and then went to bed.

The room mates are doing real artwork with the covers !

I was alone again in this beautiful inside swimming pool and swam around for nearly an hour. Just wonderful.

After my swim, I took 3 appointments for anti stress massages. It cost the same price then only one in Waterloo !

It is also very beautifully decorated. The massage was very good it was a black girl with very strong hands ! But she didn't break me any bones.

People now start to talk to me and are surprised that I speak with the French as well as with the Germans in their language. I had to translate several times and it was a lot of fun. The Germans try to dig out their French they learned at school ages ago, and the French appreciate the effort. There is only one elderly couple from Belgium who doesn't speak anything else but  Flemish /Dutch. They are supposed to speak French at least they have certainly learned it at school as Belgium is bilingual. I could help, but I don't, I think if you travel you should at least speak one language which people can understand elsewhere then in the Netherlands !
So far I haven't heard one English word.


Linens and Royals said...

More of the orange cat and not the legs please. The cat looks as if it has no tail.
When we Australians travel overseas we don't bother with other languages. We think if we talk loud enough we will be understood.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're having such a great time in a beautiful place. Waiting for more photos...

keith hillman said...

It's on my list of places to go! Continue to have a wonderful time.

Jo said...

Ah, I spotted the cat first before I saw the tanned bod ! Yes, that decorative room for blogging, does look as if it should have hookah pipes and smoke billowing up! I can't believe you don't hear English. What do the hotel staff members speak? Ah, and that would also be a disappointment to me that I didn't get local food, especially North African which is very tasty. That pool makes me want to unearth my bathing costume and go to the camp pool tomorrow. Have a wonderful day. (((Hugs))) Jo

Andrew said...

I like the cat photo!

Fun60 said...

Cat photo. I thought that was some eye candy for you Gattina! Looks a wonderful place to relax. You always choose well when it comes to holidays.