17 Mar 2014


Apparently I really badly needed my holidays. On Friday morning just when I wanted to pack my suitcase I realized that my flight to Djerba (Tunisia) was not on Saturday but on Sunday !! In a way it was good, because I felt stressed to pack, which normly never happens. It was also nice because I had my monthly theater play on Saturday. Once my  suitcase done, I was relaxed and in the evening the usual 4 of us went first for supper in the restaurant which is part of the theater in this farm.

Arriving I noticed this beautiful Japanese cherry tree in full bloom. Thewh view was not that nice, because they renovate the whole thing and the shed with the green roof was the stage ! Our supper however, was delicious and the play too funny ! It was called "Le Banc" (the bench) and concerned two pianists who suddenly realized that they got on the nerves of each other. They had discussions and fights like an old married couple. It was hilarious !

On Sunday morning Mr. G. drove me to the airport. My flight was on time at 11.15 am and we arrived without problems 3 h later !

The airport in Djerba

And then started the catastrophe ! 3 airplanes had arrived at the same time in this small airport and there were only 3 employees who checked the passports and put a stamp in it. 2 h later, I finally went through and then we had to wait for the luggage and for all passengers who were in the same bus as me. At 5.30 pm I finally arrived in the hotel !

First pictures of the way to the hotel

The hotel, 

I have a very nice room all for myself with no supplement to pay, I have 3 beds and could make sleeping turns, each night in another bed. I also have a little balcony. Today I will explore more !


diane b said...

The long airport process must have been annoying but you have a beautiful Hotel to recover in. Hope you can have a good beak and have some more adventures.

diane b said...


Linens and Royals said...

The theatre and all your pictures are wonderful. Three beds all to yourself is good but you will have no cats to share with and you are usually surrounded by friends and you might miss them.
But for stress relief a week alone in Tunisia will be perfect for you.
Do Not run away with any rich men.

Andrew said...

Well, your hotel looks nice.

Ferrovipathe said...

What a blue sky!!! Would want to be with you and spring in the beautiful swimmingpool!

Ferrovipathe said...

Sorry it's me, claudie, Ferrovipathe is Pierre cause he created a blog
http://ferroviphiles.blogspot.fr and was connected on goggle when I came and poste here! His blog is about his collector, les pochettes des billets de train de la SNCF!!! Hi!Hi!!!

Jo said...

Those long waits at airports and customs etc are always tiring. I'm glad you have a nice room: you can play musical beds! It all looks very fresh, cool and clean. And Djerba airport looks quite big. Have a wonderful first day there and let us know how it went. (((Hugs))) Jo

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. glad you arrived safely and you left a day later than you expected, than a day earlier ..

Queueing at airports is a pain - but the hotel looks good, as did your Saturday night out ..

Cheers Hilary

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Glad to know you arrived safely. Have fun (as if I have to tell you that).

Loree said...

Enjoy your holiday in Djerba.

Anonymous said...

The cherry tree and hotel area are beautiful. Glad you had a safe trip and comfortable surroundings.

Lady Lilith said...

Nice. Your room sounds nice. Enjoy your vacation. I am glad that after all of your worrying, everything turned out smoothly.