31 Dec 2013


As I love to travel and visit countries and cities as much as I can, I started beginning 2013 with a visit to my friend Claudie, who lives at the French Riviera.

I spent New Year with her and her family

End May, my friend Ilona and I decided to make a tour around the UK.

Before we started the tour, I showed her a bit of London. Next day early morning we took the Bus and started our tour. We were 10 different nationalities on board !

First stop was in Cambridge where we visited the town on the River cam with a punt boat.

York was a beautiful town and we visited the Roman bath.

We saw Hadrian's wall and the beautiful landscape until we arrived at the Scottish border.

We loved Edinburgh very much and stayed there for two days.

The next day we drove to Loch Ness and were so lucky because we had wonderful sunny weather

The drive through the Highlands was just breathtaking

And then we followed the traces of the Beatles in Liverpool

visited Stratford upon Avon

and arrived the next day in Bath. Where we literally took a bath, it poured and we didn't see very much of the city.

Stonehenge too, was rather wet, fortunately I had seen it the year before when the sun was shining.

After we had returned to London we spent another day there and met Marie from After 60.

Beginning August I went as I do each year, to my friends in Eastbourne at the English South East coast.

It's a beautiful place and I always discover new things to see.

On my way back to Brussels, I stopped again in London for the day,

until I took the Eurostar (train) back to Brussels in the evening.

Normally in October or November I spent 12 days in Egypt at the Red Sea. But this time I couldn't due to the political troubles there.

Instead I followed the invitation of my friend Claudie and went again to the South of France end October,

to collect some sunshine, and enjoy the exceptionally warm weather. This usually helps me to go through the dark, cold and short winter days.

Now 2013 is over and I wish you all a happy New Year ! 


  1. What a wonderful year of travel you've had! Lovely shots.

  2. Happy New Year, you had lots of adventures and travel in 2013 and I'm sure lots more plans for 2014.

  3. Wishing you a sparkling New Year full with more travels!

  4. Great travel experiences of 2013!
    Hope 2014 too holds good tours for you!

  5. Lovely scenes and photos. My goal travel more!!
    Gattina, wishing you and your family all the best in 2014, a HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!

  6. What a wonderful year of travels to look back on and friendships formed. I look forward to 2014 when maybe we can meet up again. All best wishes for 2014.

  7. Just wait for me! One day I will join you on at least ONE tour in a year! or more... Have a wonderfully HAPPY NEW YEAR! Jo

  8. Hope a lot more travelling and photos for the new year! Happy 2014.

  9. A beautiful year 2013! And what fun we had together!!!! Now Pierre is building La Traille so that we can have a nice, fresh summer! It looks wonderful but I can't take a pic cause you know the situation!!! I will buy a new little camera in a few day. I will buy sale!

  10. Hi Gattina .. a wonderful collection showing off your travels .. loved seeing them - Happy New Year .. cheers Hilary

  11. Happy New Year Gattina! I hope you're planning more expeditions for 2014.

  12. That is a lot of travel when you see it listed. Happy New Year.

  13. What a wonderful year of travel for you! Happy New Year!

  14. Happy New Year!! Great recap of a lovely year of travel.


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