2 Jan 2014


Jenny Matlock
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If there is something I really hate then it is Google+ ! I don't want Google+, I am a blogger and have 3 blogs which take me enough time to follow up.  Each time I get a comment and the link leads me not to the person's blog but to a Google+ page, then the trouble starts ! Where is the link to the blog I want to comment on ??? Some people don't put them on their Google + page and if you want to comment or only just ask "where is your blog ? " what happens ? You have to subscribe to Google+ otherwise you are not allowed to write a single word ! Where is my liberty of choice ? I hate to be forced to do something I don't want to do. Google starts to remind me of some Dictators !  So what do I do ? If there is no link to the Blog on that Google + thing, I just don't comment.

Anyway I don't see the use of it. Since 2006, I blog and was very happy without Google+. I don't want to join circles and I don't want to chat ! I don't want publish photos for that I have my photo blog. There is already Facebook, which in my opinion is exactly the same only older. I had to subscribe to Facebook otherwise I couldn't see the pictures my son sometimes puts on his Facebook page. Suddenly I had over 100 friends of which I didn't even know the half.

I don't deny that Google has also its advantages if he lets me in peace with his Google + ! How often I found an answer just by googling ! But when I googled yesterday for an explanation of Google + I got this as the very first answer:

免费邮箱 - 通行证登录 | 微博
网易科技 网易 > 网易科技 > 互联网 > 正文
谷歌第四次挑战社交网络 推出新品Google+
2011-06-29 12:10:10  来源: 赛迪网 (北京) 跟贴 1 条 手机看新闻

【赛迪网讯】6月29日消息,谷歌今日推出了其新服务Google Plus(又名Google+),该款产品是谷歌在社交领域的第四次尝试。这也是联合创始人佩奇4月重返CEO职位以来,在社交网战略上的最重要决策。etc. (I hope I didn't cut off in the middle of a sentence !)

Very clear indeed, now I just have to learn this language to understand Google+


  1. I agree. I hate being forced to use Google+. Like you, I check a new commenter at my blog and if it leads to a Google+ site, I just close it. Facebook, Twitter and Blogging, along with email is quite enough. I think Google+ is supposed to be an alternative to Facebook. It left its run too late. Young people are leaving Facebook because their parents are all using it.

  2. I agree with you. I even closed my facebook cause it takes too much time. I was too much addict and I don't like that.

  3. I dislike being led to Google +. I try to avoid comment and bloggers with this monster attached. xxx


    Enough of the shouting. I don't get the whole Google+ either and have stopped trying to understand.

    Have a great 2014 without too much Google+ bother.

  5. I have a love hate relationship with google

  6. I do the same as you when led to G+... I see no point in it. I basically like Google for finding information and my gmail, but G+? Nope! I just hope it never takes the place of Google Friends Connect...

  7. I admit it, I'm the one person (so far) that voted I like Google+. I don't like Facebook, but I'm on it to see family too. Then all those games! Who has time? I just like people if they are involved in the things I like, and drop a link to be blog, because it's handy on Blogger. That's about it. Didn't know you couldn't leave a message if you didn't "belong"... Happy New Years, {:-Deb

  8. Mmm! Mixed feelings about Google!

    However, a very Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Lovely post - and blog!

  9. So is that why when I want to look at a blog that has commented on mine I get a strange page and can't deal with it? I hate change-too much of it and I will have to give up blogging or ask grandson for advice.

  10. I agree. If you start a new blog these days it makes you have a google+ profile it is very tricky to try and bypass google+ and make a blogger profile.
    I agree there should be a simple way to find the blog on someones profile if they don't link it themselves.

  11. Me too (or me three or four or more it looks like). Thanks for telling it like it is Gattina.

  12. Happy New Year :) I deleted my google+ long ago, never wanted it, don't see the use for it. There are other useful google tools, they should concentrate on only those!

  13. I hate Google+ too. The only thing I use other than the search, is the translator tool.

  14. Agree! I don't like Google+ too but it's the only way I can link to my blog as I am self hosting it. :(

    Anyway...Happy new year!


  15. I am in total agreement with you on Google+ it's not well designed and much too restrictive. We used to run blogging classes on U3A but when Google+ came in, we gave it up. Like you, I have lots of "friends" I've never heard off. Bring back Blogger Profile, i say!

  16. Hallo Gattina,
    deinen Ärger über das Google+ verstehe ich vollkommen. Leider kann ich nicht drauf verzichten, weil das ganz wichtig für meinen Shop ist. Viele Blogger haben ihre Kommentare so eingestellt, dass nur Leute mit Google+-Konto kommentieren können. Bei mir (und eingien Anderen) dürfen alle kommentieren. Du musst nur das entsprechende Profil wählen, was du ja gemacht hast. Ich habe mit Google+ begonnen und bin dann zu Facebook gegangen. Ich finde Google+ wesentlich netter.
    Liebe Grüße

  17. I agree. If it requires a Google+ account to comment, I don't do it. It would also mean my Millie goat being able to keep her identity.

  18. This gave me a good giggle...

    I could not agree more with you!

    Thanks for linking to the letter "G".



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