30 Dec 2013


Friday evening I suddenly had enough of the "merry" Christmas stuff, took it all off and put it behind the sofa and on the dining table where it was out of my view. Mr. G. hadn't even noticed that I had put the Christmas decoration away. He watched TV.

Our Living room looked then like this on Saturday morning.

I suddenly realized that we didn't have anything to eat anymore because of all this Christmas food shopping, so I did my food shopping for the week. Now the fridge is filled and Mr. G can sleep in peace.

In the afternoon I went with Dominique to Ilona, for a little chat and to exchange our Christmas gifts. She was busy with a meter and measured all her furniture, she wanted to change them to other places. So the 3 of us where thinking how we could make an old living new. We all had different ideas and had a lot of fun.

On Sunday morning Mr. G got our two old suitcases, which once had served for long distance travels. Even empty they are quiet heavy. In one I put the advents wreath and the advent decoration and in the other the Christmas stuff.

Then he carried both downstairs again and put them away, grumbling something about Christmas celebrations.

When this was done, I met Nicole on the Braine l'Alleud market, where we walked around and finally bought something to wear for New Year. Otherwise we would have had to celebrate in a Eve costume ! Of course we both had nothing to wear ! We had a cup of coffee together and she told me about her Christmas adventures. Being fed up with buying gifts for her son, daughter and very spoiled grown up grandchildren, which anyway they didn't like, she had prepared envelopes with banknotes inside. Then she had perforated the envelopes, put a ribbon in the holes and hang them on the tree. Itself a very nice idea. Unfortunately when the first one opened his envelope and took the banknote out there was a nice hole in it too ! Of course they all burst out in laughter with their perforated banknotes and told her that it could only be her to do something like that. I doubt it, it could happen to me too !


Linens and Royals said...

Is MrG. going down to a basement/cellar? I am envious because if I had one I would throw my decorations down there. Not the flashing lights I have on the verandah, I love them and might keep them up forever. Banknotes are the only acceptable gifts for grandchildren.
I think I will order a T shirt printed 'I survived Christmas 2013' but really it wasn't that bad. I did enjoy it.

Andrew said...

Perforated notes. It sounds like something my mother would do. What a laugh. Our decorations are still up but I hope they go away soon. One large illuminated snowflake fell from the window today and nearly damaged the blinds. I was quick to put that one away before Household Management got home from work.

Jo said...

I LOVE the photos of Mr G carrying the suitcase down into the cellar. I can almost hear him, because that is how Grant would do something for me too. Men just get this way, don't they. I LOVE the idea of an EVE costume! LOL! And I wondered if those banknotes were still usable with a hole in? I also give money to children/grandchildren. By Bank transfer in my case! Have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL ADULT FRIENDS ONLY NEW YEAR. (((Hugs))) Jo

Loree said...

Happy new year. always have a hard time coming down from the Christmas merriment and getting back to the daily routine.

Sandra Carlier said...

Haha! What a funny story with the perfored banknotes!!! It could happened to me too!!