11 Nov 2013


Since 5 days now, when I look out of my window I have this rather sad view.

It rains and rains and I wonder from where all this water is coming from. But I shouldn't complain when I see the News, and what happens actually in the Philippines. But still it is rather depressing and on top we have a quiet strong wind.

Looking around me doesn't inspire my energy either, it's a dormitory wherever I look.

The morning I spent at my computer with blogging and also creating cards for different occasions.

This one I will add to Toby's gift for Saint Nicolas on December 6, which is more celebrated in the Netherlands then Christmas. All our life we never really celebrated Saint Nicolas, just as child with a little gift in a boot, but when you live in another country you have to adapt to the customs too.

Dominique had also the blues, so we both went to Ilona who had lightened a nice fire in her stove and we had cake and tea and chatted the whole afternoon, while outside it stormed.

Sunday morning it wasn't better. Fortunately it cleared up a little around 11 am and I could drive to the next little town where a Sunday market takes place and where I have found a little boutique which therefore is open on Sundays too. They have very nice things to interesting prices. To cheer me up and because I had emptied my closet from old stuff, I bought a cardigan and a nice pullover to fill it up again.

Dominique had problems with copying her pictures into her computer so I went over to help her. With coffee interruptions and chatting it took the whole afternoon.

Today is a holiday in Belgium where the end of the first World war is celebrated. I wonder if there is any veteran left. People don't care, they are only interested in one more day off, which makes a long weekend.


Maribeth said...

Yes, I think it is true. No one cares about the sacrifices, just the day off. I am having more surgery today, and was looking at the traffic report in Boston, and there is no traffic! Everyone is home!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. yesterday was glorious here - cold and clear with some sun - today back to the rainy skies.

There have been some surprising stories regarding Remembrance Day and the Armistice ...

All the best Hilary

Sandra Carlier said...

It was raining here too yesterday but this morning the sun came back! We stood 3 days at home as Pierre was so ill! And in the afternoon we went to Flavien and took an aperitif on the port of St Cyr! now I'm ready for the week! I see your cats are in the same feeling than our Ticoune even if the weather is nice outside! She stays inside sleeping the fall day! Anaïs and Flavien have a little baby at their home now! A little black girl! A beautiful cat , 2 months old!!!! She's called Gristy!!! I hope Anaïs will put some pics very soon!

Terra said...

I am happy to see that there are some local celebrations of our veterans. Your photos of the rain do look dreary, but how fun you had some expeditions to the little shops and to see a friend.

Loree said...

It's sad t hat they don't care. It looks like it's already very cold there. Keep warm.

A Lady's Life said...

Ya dull weather is a drag I like your St Nicholas card and a nice fire is always uplifting with good friends.

I too my roses inside and thought it was too hot for them but they let out flowers and I was so surprised so today I brought in the strawberries which are still growing and cleaned them So many spiders got into the pots.
I have one with tons of babies so I have to put them in some soil in a plastic bag to root better I will do that tomorrow.
Putting bright lights in the house is good too to lift up spirits.

Linens and Royals said...

I suppose the black blob next to Pookie on the bed is Kim. Or is it an old black dressing gown discarded by Mr G?
No holiday here for Armistice Day but a minutes silence at 11am. I was in a shopping centre at 11am and only a few older people like me stopped for a minute even though the Last Post was playing. Sad.
Raining here too.

Fun60 said...

Although a very important day, it is not a holiday here. I am glad it isn't as it would seem like a celebration instead of a memorial day to remember all those lives that were lost.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Yes it rather just seems like another long weekend here for many. But there were parades and so forth this weekend.

You are fortunate to have a couple of such good friends to help cheer up each other on your rainy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Nice card and nice idea to have your personal one!

jennyfreckles said...

Friends to cheer rainy days, how nice.