15 Nov 2013


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1. Sometimes it happens, you just have an idea and wonder why you hadn't this idea years before ? Since 2006 I had created a little office space in my room, just at the end of my bed.

Mr. G had found a little table which just had the same size as the bed and so we squeezed it between bed and wardrobe with a chair. In this corner it was rather dark and at rainy days I had to switch on the light. Now that the days are shorter and it's always grey outside, I had the light on almost the whole day.

2. Overnight I had an idea and with the help of Mr. G. we moved my little desk just under the window, and fought with the Computer cables which were all entangled and mixed up and we first had to find out which cable was for what. At the end we found 2 useless cable connections and USB keys which we didn't know for what they were. Once everything put up and looking nice, I suddenly couldn't type anymore. That was the wireless keyboard USB key which we had found. Then the same happened with the mouse. Unfortunately I can't describe the (Italian style) show we made during these operations. I suppose our neighbors thought we would kill each other.

But now I am very happy. I have light, I can watch what is going on in the street and my legs are warm because I sit against the radiator ! So why took it 7 years to have this idea ? So far the street is rather empty besides the garbage men who emptied the bins, unfortunately without any corpse in them.

3. When for once the sun was shining Nicole asked me if I would go with her to walk Charlie her dog. Of course I agreed, some fresh air is always good.

Another friend joined in with her little Bichon Kiwi, and the two had a lot of fun together despite the size difference. We were dressed like Eskimos as it was rather cold and had a hot cup of tea to warm us up afterwards.


The flowers in our front yard were still in full bloom but I took the opportunity when the sun came out again and took them all out of the pots, which I only did reluctantly, but I thought if I don't do it know and it will freeze the next day then it will be even more difficult. With gloves and a warm jacket I worked for two hours

And this is the result ! I replaced the flowers with fake plants and fixed the balls with a hook in the pots. Now that will last at least until spring and then I can put them away for the next winter. At least I have no more garden work to do !

In my painting class I finished a new picture. I started with soft colors and this was the result !


Jama said...

That's a nice setup in your room! My pc is place next to the window, which give me the opportunity to glance out once in a while, even though there's nothing much to see!! Love what you did to the garden.

Swati Singh said...

Beautiful set of the photos! and cute doggies..

Dianna said...

Hello Gattina, I am visiting with you today from Susanne's FFF linky. I am so glad to have found you and your wonderful blog.

Your new computer space looks so bright and cheerful! Mine also sits in front of the window, with a heat register at the back of the desk. :)

Your painting is beautiful!

LindyLou Mac said...

I was amused by your description of sorting out the computer Italian style!

Kathie said...

Perfect new setup for your computer!

It must feel good to get your garden all ready for winter. Ours is not quite ready but we dug all our carrots, onions and beets this week.

Love your painting - I've been doing a bit too. Is yours acrylic?

Happy weekend!

jabblog said...

Good ideas always seem so obvious once they've occurred, don't they?

A Lady's Life said...

It's nice to have a computer where it is comfortable for you to work at.
I am glad your garbage bin had no corpse in it. lol

Linens and Royals said...

Strange how some very clever ideas take so long to come to us.
I hope Charlie and his little friend can get together and play often.
Good idea to have fake flowers for colour in winter and I love your bright painting. I think you must love colour and light even more than I do.

Anonymous said...

That's neat how the desk situation worked out. I have had some of those "Why didn't I think of this sooner?!" ideas.

I am glad the garbage men didn't find a corpse!!!

Your painting looks like a sunset over water. Gorgeous!

Andrew said...

An Italian style show while sorting out the computer. I can imagine it well.

Willow said...

I definitely like the idea of having the computer and table right next to the radiator! We need heat when it's cold.

Your description of the Italian show made me laugh.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

A great week...finishing up with that glorious abstract sunset (at least that's what I see).

Sandra Carlier said...

Bravo Ingrid you had some fabulous ideas thhis week!!! Now you can stay at your computer and in the same time watching the street in the same time! and you won't have any more worry with your plants! Cool! And your painting is marvelous! So warm colours! It make me thing to the pictures Pierre wanted to take when we were in St Cyr!!! The sun presented the same colours in the sky!

Jo said...

You were certainly busy this week and came up with brilliant ideas. Great to sit near the warmth and look outside while in your office. I thought the Bichon Kiwi was a toy dog in the garden with Charlie! Great post as usual.

Fun60 said...

A radiator and window sounds the perfect combination. I would never dare to move the computer as I doubt i would ever get the internet up and running again.

Pamela said...

so jealous of you -- having such good fun. I want to paint again.

I took down my begonias a few days ago. I don't like winter to come.

Susanne said...

Love the colors in your painting. Like a sunset over water. Lovely.

I finally pulled out all my flowers just in the nick of time for the cold and snow to come.